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The mastermind behind TELA’s unique beauty is SCDA, a world-renown Singaporean design consultant with prominent establishments such as The Lady Hill, The Boulevard Residence, and Nassim Park Residence. TELA's exterior takes on a "Timeless Design" notion which underscores tranquility, elegance, and grandeur in coalescence with nature.

All around, SCDA emphasizes equality on all housing units, giving each a glass balcony that creates a unique floating effect on the façade romthe outsider's perspective. This is the origin of "Sky Villa" the most exclusive duplex penthouse available within this property.

Most recently, Gaysorn Property has exclusively launched TELA Sky Villa (3 Plus 1 Duplex) by releasing a short film under the concept of “A Step Beyond Luxury”. It boasts of an establishment that defines timeless beauty, everlasting exuberance, while retaining its comfort; just what a real home should be. Focusing on creating the best living experience in all aspects, TELA Thonglor is setting a new standard in designing for luxurious quality of life that will be provided only for its exclusive residences.


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 TELA aims to provide values beyond luxury by designing for the five senses that shape the quality of one’s living experience. By integrating the Bangkok panoramic scenery with customized settings such as miniature overflow poolor the mellow scents of the best florasin the Sky Garden. Along with excellent ventilation for a breath of fresh air, TELA Sky Villa is not just a mere luxury residence for its name sake but a masterpiece designed toensure the best experience in refined living. 

Apart from elegant designs and serene ambience, TELA aspires absolute convenience for all residents. Attention is set on every little details of this propertyby choosing only high-quality products from the best world-class brands to perfect the design of all its units.

As arefined residence which offers the best quality living, TELA suites best for upscale clientele who has eyes for real quality and values, with the desire to own one-of-a-kind living space that offers ultimate comfort, refined ambience, and the exquisite designs.  

Such clientele base seemed totally in tune with Gaysorn Property, since 90% of the Legacy Suit (3 bedrooms) have been sold. Currently there are only 10 units left, including one of the two existing TELA Sky Villa, the most exclusive penthouse unit available at TELA Thonglorpriced at 210 million baht.

It is still not too late to experience elegance of TELA if you are looking to own a property which is more than a home and offers quality beyond luxury. The TelaThonglor Sales Gallery is available by appointment only. Call 0-2612-5959 and visit

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