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They say it’s what on the inside that counts, and Poomjai Tansanga’s home proves it. Opposite his renowned health food restaurant, DJ Poom Menu, in a tiny soi off Rama XI road sits a six-floor building. It has a plain green and light brown exterior, and a flamboyant red Lamborghini parked in the garage behind the gate. That red Lamborghini, however, is just a drop in the ocean compared to the levels of luxury found up on the fifth floor of this unassuming property.

Featuring a well-stocked bar, a sumptuous home theatre set and even a mini jacuzzi, Poomjai’s home is the quintessential raffish bachelor’s pad. But, intriguingly, this celebrity, better known as DJ Poom, never pictured himself living in a home that’s quite this much fun. “I am a family-focused person,” he says. “I’m not really into partying all that much but at the time, when I was designing my home, I was probably lonely so I wanted to let loose.”

So how did loneliness translate into a masculine retreat featuring dark-coloured furniture, wooden floors and surprises galore? Poomjai, knowing that art and fashion—let alone decorating homes—are not his strong points, sought help from Balance Interior Design’s Wattana Kowattanaporn. “I never really had good taste so the first thing I did was search for an interior designer I like,” he explains. “I’ve seen a lot of Wattana’s work and was impressed with it, especially the design he did for a penthouse near Plaza Athenee.” Most of the walls of this penthouse are a little bit different. “Each wall is covered with something special and unique on it,” he says. “I liked it because it’s all out, unlike the ordinary painted walls or walls covered with wallpaper you normally see.”

Design Nov 02.jpgDark colours enhance the masculine feel

After sitting down and talking with Wattana about the concept, Poomjai decided he would give him full reign over the designs. “At the time, I had been single for about one or two years so I told him that I imagine myself living the partying playboy kind of life and requested a huge bar, a small jacuzzi, etc,” says the 37-year-old—and still single—MC. “I told Wattana that I believe in him and that he didn’t have to run things by me. I didn’t want to limit his imagination.” He did, however, request that every piece has a wow factor. “I wanted every element to stand out,” he explains, “so that when guests come out of the elevator they are drawn in by my shoe collection or, after stepping foot in the living room, get excited about the lighting, beautiful bar and cool secret compartments. I want everything to shine altogether.”

In front of the elevator exit, right at the entrance, is a panel of transparent plastic boxes showcasing Poomjai’s colourful sneaker collection. “I’ve always been obsessed with sneakers,” says the avid collector. “The first sneakers I bought were a pair of Nike’s Airforce One. That was when people started giving me compliments about my shoes. Some of the ones that are on display are also not sold anymore because they’re limited editions.”

Poomjai also collects guns, so Wattana incorporated them and their raw materials into the bar. “This is another corner I love,” says Poomjai, as he shows us the shelves lined with premium spirits, many of them rare ones that he specifically ordered. In the centre is a marble island rimmed by copper lining that resembles bullet cases. “I love the raw look and funky feel of natural materials,” he adds. There are lots of these small details. From handmade copper lights that curve off the wall over the marble dining table and living room fireplace, Poomjai was attentive to every element in each room. “A huge chunk of imported Italian rock was carved into a sink so it would be a unique piece,” he says. “I also spent time searching for a perfect fireplace display that mimics real fire. And there is also a system installed in the glass separating the bathroom from the bedroom—press a button and it frosts over.”

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The glass sectioning the bedroom from the bathroom turns frosted at the press of a button

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The fitness area is fully equipped

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The fireplace gives realistic flames using water vapour

Fit For A Queen_4 (763x1000).jpg

The warm light from the handmade copper lighting reveals a living room full of intricate furniture

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One of the two paintings by Mr Saxman, lead singer of the Thai band Instinct, was given to Poomjai by the artist himself

Fit For A Queen_3 (1000x750).jpg

A wall of limited edition sneakers at Poomjai’s home entrance

What you wouldn’t guess from exploring this space and its many boys’ toy-inspired quirks is that Poomjai in fact lives with his immediate family, and very much enjoys their company. “My family owns this entire property,” he says. “Each floor, which is about 300 square metres wide, is occupied by a family member. I love hanging out with my parents on the second floor and playing with my brother’s children.” To a certain degree, his home contradicts his true behaviour and personality—and who he might become. “I wanted the room to be warm toned like my brother’s and I wanted it to be family friendly but I only took myself into account so there’s no powder table or make-up area to be found. The walk-in wardrobe is also only solely for me. It tends to make girls uncomfortable but on the other hand, my friends love it.”

A person who is always busy with his work, be it running Zanim, the sportswear company he founded, or his clean food business DJ Poom Menu, Poomjai is rarely home. “I don’t love staying at home and I get lonely easily,” he says. “That’s why my favourite corner is the bedroom because it’s comfortable and it makes me relax just fine. Other than that, I barely use my living room unless I have visitors,” he says. “Lately though, I have been enjoying watching television series and movies here on the couch by myself.”

When his home was first completed a little over a year ago, Poomjai didn’t think that this bachelor’s pad is a true representation of himself. “I feel like my home is way too masculine and it wasn’t really me,” he says, “so I wasn’t all that ecstatic about it.” He adds: “When I saw my younger brother’s area downstairs, with its soft colours and warm interiors, I felt like I may have made a mistake when I gave the concept to my interior designer. I guess I wasn’t entirely myself and this home was designed when I was in that hectic phase of my life, which doesn’t really reflect who I really am.” However, after a year of living in it, he is starting to really appreciate and see the fun in his home. “I think the dark tones, which wasn’t really what I was expecting, are starting to grow on me. And every time I have friends over, it’s really exciting.”

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