Known for combining elegant luxury with innovative design, Michigan-born furniture label Baker Furniture starts the year with a brand new collection designed by Barbara Barry. The collection is clean and simple, showcasing minimalist and refreshing vibes through a soft palette of cinder, pink salt, bleached sand and awash.  Here are 10 items from the new collection to inspire your new year home makeover. 

 Obi Lounge Chair

Obi Lounge Chair.jpg

Smooth and bulky is what's in for livingroom sofa chairs. Imagine four of these (an auspicious, balanced number) around a coffee table—could you think of a more boss setting for a catch-up with your inner circle?

Panorama Platform Bed
Panorama Platform Bed.jpg

Like with cars, beds that are closer to the ground, sleeker and wider offer a more luxurious and modern image.

Modern Marquet
Modern Marquet.jpg

Baker's Modern Marquet upgrades the look of classic wooden storage pieces traditionally placed at the side of a living room or the foot of the bed. This new design, however, seems to work in just about any room of the house.   

Ceremony Circle Dining

Ceremony Circle Dining.jpg

Depending on the size of your pad, this table could serve as a surface for an impressively arranged flora display in the foyer or a centrally placed dining table. 

Kukio Side Chair

Kukio Side Chair.jpg

Not a sofa, yet not a standard table chair, the Kukio Side Chair offers the best of both worlds: cushioned comfort and mobility. 

Marin Cocktail Table

Marin Cocktail Table.jpg

Sturdy yet "transparent", this low wood and glass cocktail table will entice you with your own collection of magazines and coffee table books during your livingroom tea time. 

On Center Occasional Table

On Center Occasional Table.jpg

Take your home decorating to the next level with this high narrow table, the likes of which you often find in swanky hotels. It can hold your favourite framed photo, serve as a stylish spot to drop your bills and loose change or provide needed extra surface for guests' food and drinks when you're entertaining. 

Framework Sofa

Framework Sofa.jpg

Here's home decor tip: make sure your couch is as comfy as your bed. Because you will fall asleep on it at some point in your residency. It's human nature. 

Arc Cocktail Table

Arc Cocktail Table.jpg

Have this in the centre of your living room with little else around, and it's sure to make a big impression when guests come over. A multifunctional piece of furniture, this wooden cocktail/coffee table is build for holding house party essentials and not to mention facilitating interactions. 

Contour Console

Contour Console.jpg

The minimalism as well as curved edges of the Contour Console make its presence in the room less imposing than traditional storage pieces.

Visit to see more of the new collection. 

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