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When one thinks of perfect bachelor houses, the natural choice is the outrageously overblown flight of masculine fancy that is the mansion of Hugh Hefner. However, the home of DJ Piyawat Kempetch, a two-storey house that, while lacking a poolside strewn with leggy Playboy bunnies, boasts lots of appealing man-friendly features, could also fit the bill. Located at Prime Nature, a peaceful neighbourhood out in Bangna, it’s a boy’s palace with a relaxing lakeside location. “It reminds me of Khao Yai and how peaceful it is,” Piyawat says, recalling how and why this location caught his eye. “The scenery reminded me of Long Island and I can walk down to the lake,” he says.

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When asked about what influenced the interior, he gives a one-word answer: Entourage. But this popular American TV show about a guy from humble origins who finds himself living the louche Hollywood high-life is not the only influence. Inside, the interior exudes the same style and energy that this celebrity, better known as DJ PK, is known for. Some of its boy toy credentials include a high-tech living area with a music system on the bottom floor, and a jacuzzi with a home cinema on the second. Both of these features boast jaw-dropping views over the lake, but what really sets this masterpiece of design apart from other homes is the fact that it was meticulously designed by Piyawat himself.

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“If an interior designer created this house, it would be his house, not mine,” he says matter-of-factly while standing next to the impressive Iron Man model that hangs by the entrance. From the elegant wood floors through to the placement of each item, every design decision, he explains, was made by him. The pool tiles, for example, were inspired by Lets Sea Hua Hin, a resort he knows intimately. “I’ve been there often and it’s a special place for me,” he says. The pool, which sits on the rear side of the house, only a few steps from the lake and seemingly worlds away from the roadside, also boasts a luxurious waterfall that flows down from the second floor. Like the tiles, this was also inspired by a hotel he frequents regularly. “I’m friends with the owner of Naka Phuket and I saw this waterfall design there,” he adds.

Piyawat’s path to career success was not always smooth or easy, and his self-styled home in many ways reflects this journey. In other words, this house, like his career, started small.

“At first all it had was a single storey living room and entrance,” he says. Upstairs and the swimming pool came later. “When I had the money, I made the extensions. They meant more to me that way too,” he explains. Ideas for the design of his house evolved slowly and were influenced by his views, taste and experiences. “I knew what I wanted but it was when I saw things on my travels that I worked out how to fit them into my house,” he says. Although it has been almost a decade since work began, Piyawat adds that his home is still a work-in-progress. Next on his home improvement list: a showroom-style garage for the red Ferrari. “Once I have the money, this is the next phase,” he says confidently.

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A standout feature is the minimalist kitchen. “I just reheat and drink wine in here,” quips Piyawat before explaining that he opted not to include a wine fridge because it wouldn’t have matched his design. “I just tend to drink it all anyway!” he adds. One thing the house does have is tech interactivity; the lights, television and music stereo can all be controlled with a mere touch of the gadget lover’s iPhone. “Everything is synced into my phone.”

A hard working public figure, Piyawat divides his time between his dream home and a luxury condominium in town. “With light traffic, the commute into town is still easy,” he says. Asked about his future, Piyawat talks of settling down in a place with lots of privacy— and this house could well be the place. “If I had a family, they could play around the lake and I know they will be safe,” he says. Already there are signs that this future is taking shape: another thing the house includes is a walk-in closet for his girlfriend. “She needs her space,” he adds.

Looking at his home as a whole, Piyawat’s independence of mind shines through. “I have always seen myself as being different,” he says. “I made my money and I worked hard for it, so I can spend it how I want,” he says. Unsurprisingly, Piyawat also reveals that he’s held the occasional house party here. But nine years after moving in, things have changed. “I soon realised that nobody else loves my house as much as I do,” he says, adding “now I only have close friends and family over.”

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