The different lifestyles each one of us can have lends itself to varying ideas about what makes a home. But even despite our differences in taste, one thing we can all agree on is that a home is ideally a place that embraces us in warmth and affection after a long day and a space that mirrors our personal story.

Mindful of the essence of "home", Italian furniture brand, Minotti, launches its Home Anthology Collection. Like its preceding collections, this latest one comes from the creativity of artistic director Rodolfo Dordoni, with some products designed by Parisian designer Christophe Delcourt. 


Drawing upon the expertise gained over the years, Minotti expands its design in new directions, incorporating layers of influences and balancing classic and contemporary aesthetic to produce something that is truly versatile and mutli-dimensional, while not losing the Minotti signature and traditions.  The interiors impart a sense of timeless elegance and yet are filled with modern surprises, such as choice of material and textural combinations—placing wood, stone, glass, fabrics and leather in one room without it being overwhelming. This complementary eclecticism also emerges in the new Lawrence and Pollock seating systems, the Jacques collection and many other accessories.

Have a little preview of the Home Anthology Collection below:


FIL NOIR_02.jpg




LOU TABLE_01.jpg


The Home Anthology Collection is available exclusively at Minotti Bangkok by Chanintr. minotti.com

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