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Champion athlete. Fashion designer. Entrepreneur. Philanthropist. Serena Williams is the embodiment of power but how exactly does she do it? How does this unstoppable power house replenish that much use of energy in a day?

Ten years of sleep on Tempur mattress and pillows—that's how, apparently. 

Tempur has teamed up with the iconic tennis player to spread their latest brand message, "This Sleep Is Power". The campaign coincides the launch of the mattress maker's new collection in Thailand, which introduces new product technology, such as the tailored zip cover and the CoolTouch™ Technology that will keep you refreshed and comfortable all night long.

The partnership between Williams and Tempur demonstrates the brand's mission to unleash your full potential by enhancing your sleep. And, as the most intervening tennis player of all-time and a Tempur owner for more than a decade, Serena recognizes that sleep is crucial for her demanding training regimen and recovery efforts.  Have a look at Serena Williams' secret weapon to her success: 

Serena has shared that she requires "consistent, restful sleep in order to be at my best." For the last 10 years, that has been exactly Tempur's mission to deliver. "This is the only mattress that adapts to my body, relieving pressure points so I sleep deeply and wake up ready to perform on the court and conquer whatever the day might hold,” says Serena. Uncompromised and unfailing comfort and support was ever most important when the star athlete and businesswoman had to keep training and working while carrying a bun in the oven not too long ago. 

The Tempur difference is about performance benefits. For instance, Tempur uses materials that gently conforms to the shape of your body, offering a perfect balance of total comfort and superior support.  Tempur products are designed to reduce discomfort caused by pressure points—as Serena mentions—by redistributing pressure so you can immediately relax into your most comfortable position and remain fully supported throughout your sleep. In addition, Tempur's temperature sensitive material adjusts to its surroundings to keep you comfortably cool. Performance also derives at the cellular level with Tempur's open cell structure that provides literally billions of points of support and pressure relief. 

Tempur's key motivation is to unlock the potential of its owners, including inspirational game-changers like Serena Williams with the continual development of innovative sleep solutions. It doesn't hurt as well to make great mattresses and accessories attractive in the home. 

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Tempur Contour Collection

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Tempur Cloud Collection 

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Tempur Sensation Collection

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