Illuminated by natural light, Bird’s office also serves as a workout spot for his wife Art

This month we visit Royal Tier, a residential compound situated in Putthamonthon district where wedding photographer Songwut Pattanasilaporn, known as Bird, and his wife Minthita Wongsawut, or Art, have found themselves the perfect sanctuary for two.

Constructed on approximately 100 square metres of land, the house and its garage take up almost all of the space but the homeowners are unbothered by the lack of greenery on the property. “It’s actually great because neither of us wanted a garden to begin with,” laughs Art. “We had a small patch of grass down the side of the house but we decided to replace it with fake grass so we wouldn’t have to deal with any plant-related up-keep.”


Happy homeowners Songwut Pattanasilaporn and Minthita Wongsawut

While the houses at Royal Tier all resemble one another, Bird and Art have managed to create an interior that matches their individual characters and personal taste. The main entrance, distinct from their neighbours’, boasts a pair of three-metre-high modern wooden doors that Bird had custom made. Upon entering, the first thing you see is the dining area with its 10-seater marbled table. Above it, a glamorous chandelier hangs at the centre of a large mirror grid fitted into the ceiling, which adds depth to the space and increases the amount of light in the room. A chic bar serves as a fancy backdrop for the dining room.

To the right is an elegantly decorated living room. Recessed lights and a refined chandelier complement the high ceiling and relaxed atmosphere. At the centre, a rusty golden coffee table is surrounded by an Ice Breaker sofa set and chairs by Caracole that the couple purchased from Arkitektura. These are decorated with cushions that have been personalised with covers that have the couple’s initials on them.

“Most of the furniture in the house is from Arkitektura,” says Bird. “We searched everywhere for a very long time until one day we walked passed the shop and it just felt right. Actually much of the interior design revolves around the furniture.”

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Lofty ceilings and large windows and mirrors give the main living area a light and relaxed ambience


The inviting dining area boasts neutral palettes complemented with accents of gold


Bird and Art’s shared walk-in closet

 Here a flat screen TV mounted onto a large marble panel with golden reflective trims adds to the high-end feel of the space. One thing we notice is that there are few cupboards and almost no shelves. “We don’t have a lot of stuff,” laughs Bird. “I really wanted the house to look clean and tidy without the clutter of lots of ornaments or decorative items. As you can see, we barely even have any framed photos of ourselves or our families. ”

It took the couple around five months to decorate and furnish the entire house and they opted for the kind of chic interior that resembles the confines of a luxury hotel. “In my line of work, I get to visit many luxury hotels and I really like those that are classy in a subtle way, that is clean to the eye and not overly decorated with colours and frills,” says Bird. “Frankly, that’s where I got the inspiration for our home. After a long day, I want to come back to a place that promotes a sense of relaxation and calm.”


Minimal clutter and clean lines give the home an organised feel

The entire floor reflects comfort in its refined manner. Much like the elegant hotels Bird is a fan of, the interior is chic without clutter, giving it a hotel-like sophistication. The palette composition and furniture have clean creamy hues with golden touches that are carried throughout the household. Subtle tints of ivory, soft grey and marble with golden accents serve as the base palette for the home.

Of course, as one would expect, the guest bathroom also exudes the same luxurious feel, which is reflected through the use of marble floors, golden mirrors and tiles on the walls. While bedrooms are usually all located upstairs, a door off the dining area leads to a bedroom with its own en-suite bathroom, both carefully designed with the elderly in mind. “This is for my father when he comes over,” says Bird. “It makes more sense to have it here so he doesn’t have to tackle the stairs.”

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We make our way up a wide wooden staircase to the second floor where the master bedroom and guest bedroom are. In the master bedroom a king-size bed from Caracole with a beautifully upholstered, elegantly curved headboard which denotes classic luxury and elegance and is the focal point of the room. Much like the ground floor, the space is fitted out to resemble a fancy hotel room. Creamy coloured walls are complemented with gold and white trims. The room also features a shared walk-in closet for Bird and Art and because they don’t need for it to be grandiose or lavish, it provides just enough storage room for two. Elegant white wooden cupboards with mirrored doors contrast beautifully with the hardwood floor and a classy chandelier adds a touch of extravagance.


The master bedroom is simple but inviting

A bright office space accessible through the bedroom’s glass doors stands out from the rest of the abode. Framed by floor-to-ceiling windows, the room is illuminated by an abundance of natural light. Fit for the purpose, this is perhaps the most spartan area in the house. Gleaming dark wooden floors contrast with bright white walls. Here is Bird’s desk and computer, a small couch and a coffee table. We notice a television suspended from the ceiling above a large mirror at the empty centre of the room. “This is where my wife works out with her yoga videos,” says Bird.

The guest bedroom adjacent to the master bedroom is designed to accommodate visitors in style. With emphasis on white and grey colours with golden accents, the room features a built-in sofa-cum-reading nook, which can just as well serve as a relaxing window seat. And if that is not enough, guest can also enjoy unwinding in a cosy seat illuminated by a chandelier. In line with the homeowners’ tastes, nothing in the space is excessive or flamboyant in terms of accessories or décor.


The guest bedroom also features a small comfortable nook in which to relax

Looking at this home as a whole, it is the perfect sanctuary for two. When not occupied with work, both Bird and Art enjoy hibernating here. “I like to relax in the living room,” says Bird. “We regularly enjoy movie nights and sometimes our friends come over to play video games and watch football matches.” Art adds with a laugh, “Bird is on a mission to find the perfect napping spot right now and I find him snoozing in different corners of the house all the time.”

It’s not uncommon for couples to have disagreements, particularly over home décor, but Art is quite happy to let her husband take the lead. “I must admit his eye for colour and composition is much better than mine,” she says. “He pays so much attention to detail, to the mood and tone of each corner of the house. Of course there are some minor arguments but I always lose anyway.”

While some might prefer a more centralised property, Bird is actually from the area and enjoys being away from the buzzing city centre. And although he commutes into town regularly for work, he makes sure to leave the house before traffic starts to build up and heads home late in the evening when it subsides. Having only recently settled in, the happy couple have no plans to relocate or purchase a new home any time soon. “We might eventually change some of the furniture and alter the décor in the future,” says Bird. “But for now, we are quite content with our dream home. Frankly, I’ve been sleeping extremely well since we moved in.”

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