"What happens after human beings move to Mars?," ponders Ma Yansong. "Once survival is assured, what memory of Earth, or love for their new home, would these interplanetary colonizers recreate first?"

Exploring this imaginary science-fiction story, the architect drew inspiration from natural elements to create a collection of five furniture items with strange, organic and futuristic shapes. "I have never been to Mars, what will we discover when we get there? A red landscape, quiet horizon, frozen glaciers? Probably all is as beautiful, in its own way, as the Earth was thousands of years ago," said the MAD founder. "I want to bring to Mars the Earth landscape, as I imagined it in my room as a child."

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The "MAD Martian Collection," which includes a table, a chaise longue chair, a candlestick, lights and a console table, is the fruit of two years of research. Inspired by popular science-fiction of the 20th century, pieces in the collection have a highly reflective metallic finish. This evokes the ability of the creations to respond to changing environments, while expressing a nostalgia for human culture.

"MAD Martian Collection" is the first furniture collection designed by Ma Yansong. Several pieces will be added to the collection later in 2017.

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Founded by Ma Yansong in 2004, MAD Architects is a global architecture firm committed to developing futuristic, organic, technologically advanced designs that embody a contemporary interpretation of the Eastern affinity for nature. With its core design philosophy of Shanshui City—a vision for the city of the future based in the spiritual and emotional needs of residents—MAD endeavors to create a balance between humanity, the city and the environment.

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