The décor and furniture form a consistent colour palette

Tucked away in a building in Soi Yenakart is a colonial-style private apartment. Pastel yellow accented by dark wooden furniture and lush greenery, the lobby resembles parlours and drawing rooms from the first half of the 21st century. Ascending the elevator, we arrived at a Moroccan-tiled corridor that leads to the 250-sqm unit that is the home of Aesthetic Innovation Centre (AIC) clinic founders Dr Puttipong Poomsuwan and his wife Dr Chongmard Lerssin.

2 H600.jpg

Doctors Puttipong and Chongmard like nothing better than relaxing in their well-appointed downtown apartment

Upon entering, one is greeted by an ornate interior of gold, navy and beige, the sophisticated colour palette accented by a gilded octagonal mirror and a matching bench with deep gold fabric. The entrance leads to the dining and living area, a space that has a natural flow. The couple’s abode is airy and light thanks to floor-to-ceiling windows. 

No strangers to this part of town, Dr Puttipong explains their partiality to the Yenakart area. “Despite being located in central Bangkok it’s peaceful with lots of trees and nice eateries nearby. One of my favourites is called Akart, which is really close, and there’s also Suhring, which my wife loves. We have a house out on Kanchanaphisek Road but it’s really far away and the traffic was so bad that we decided to move to a condominium on Rama IV Road. It was within walking distance of our office but although the location was very convenient, the rooms were on the small side. We wanted somewhere more spacious, but finding a home big enough in such a central location seemed a huge challenge. I think it’s also down to age. We just wanted to be settled somewhere we could enjoy our down-time together.” 

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As it happens, the search for a new home wasn’t as traumatic as it might have been. “Thankfully we didn’t have to search for long before we heard about this condominium from a colleague,” Dr Puttipong explains. “He lives on an estate built by the same developer and he referred me to them. At first I thought the apartment would be too small, but it really fits the bill. The building consists of only 20 units, each 250 sqm, which is rare nowadays. It offers greater privacy than one of the newer developments with 100 plus units and unlike other projects where you feel that everything is compartmentalised, one of the best aspects of this place is that it feels like you are living in a house. We bought it straightaway,” he laughs. 

Prior to moving in, the couple engaged one-stop design service Quattro Design to work on the interiors. “I’d been to Quattro’s office gallery in Thonglor and really liked their furniture because it looks stylish and has fine detail. So when we decided to move here I thought of them and felt that I wanted an interior similar to theirs, so that’s why we went to them for our interior design,” he says. From the original three-bedroom layout, the apartment has been refurbished to a two-bedroom unit with a walk-in closet to accommodate the couple’s needs.\

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The apartment’s hallway features a Las Palmas floor lamp by Eichholtz that matches the wall lamps elsewhere in the house


The elegant dining table and chairs are the perfect centrepiece for intimate gatherings with family and friends


The master bedroom is accentuated with floor-to-ceiling mirrors

7 H600.jpg

A small living area corner in the master bedroom

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This Eichholtz crystal and brass pineapple decorative piece is Dr Puttipong’s favourite item

To maintain a consistent design language throughout, all the doors were also refurbished from the original brown wooden fixtures that were a bit old-fashioned to frames painted grey to coordinate with the space. The kitchen, however, remains almost unchanged and required the least renovation. “We were quite happy with the original kitchen,” Dr Chongmard points out. “It was still in a good shape so we decided to keep it as is.”

Sharing the area adjacent to the open dining space, the living room is the apartment’s showpiece. With a plush cream-coloured sofa and a matching chaise lounge, the elegant living room set is complemented by a reflective coffee table topped with a chic flower arrangement and books. Another smart navy chaise lounge with two matching stools is positioned opposite to accommodate guests in style.

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After settling down, the couple describe their evening routine in their favourite part of the house. “I guess we do use every corner, but the living area is where I come to relax because I really like this sofa,” says Dr Chongmard. “If you ask where I spend most of my time, that’d be my study,” Dr Puttipong chimes in. “But yes, the living room is our favourite corner. We like watching movies together. We normally arrive home from work between 7 and 8pm and have dinner together in the dining area while watching television. Then we might watch a movie or chat with friends if we have people over. At around 10pm we go and do our own things. Chongmard might stay in the living room for a bit longer while I go to work in my study.”

The study itself takes up a compact but comfortable space that leads to the bedroom. It is fitted with masculine dark grey shelves that are filled with academic books used by the doctor. In contrast to the study, the main bedroom has a much more feminine feel and tone thanks to Dr Chongmard’s input. The colour palette is relaxing, with soft grey, beige and white taking centre stage. Here there is another small coffee table and couch to provide a private sanctuary for the couple.

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The walk-in closet is connected to the bedroom and is one of the highlights of the house. At its centre is a display case for the couple’s accessories, while dark wooden shelves line the walls. It is spacious and airy due to its well-organised design and source of natural light through a window. On top of the case stands a large vase with fresh flowers to soften the strong geometrical lines of the shelving. “Actually I wanted a much larger walk-in closet because we’ve never had one before and he has so many suits,” she laughs affectionately.

“It’s true, we have a lot of clothes and accessories between us to the point that we didn’t have enough space in previous homes,” agrees Dr Puttipong. “Then again, if we want a house with enough space for a walk-in closet each, we’d have to move out to the suburbs again, which is not practical for us. We are fortunate to have found this place and we are here to stay.” 

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