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While Fifty Shades Darker’s storyline has us giggling and questioning our mental well-being throughout the entire film, it’s the fictional lead man Christian Grey's interior taste that really tickles our fancy. When watching closing, one can see that the objects and furniture are carefully composed and chosen to reflect the character’s aloof, yet alluring nature. Here, we have actual pieces straight off the film's set as well as our own Tatler’s picks to help you transform your abode into a sexy, lavish New York City bachelor pad.

Boca do Lobo Brooklyn Mini Bar

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Store your treasured belongings in this stylish leather Brooklyn Mini Bar, made from mahogany and grey glass, giving your home a monochromatic, yet classic touch.

Boca do Lobo Pixel Cabinet 

boco_pixel_01 (320x500).jpg

The 1088 triangles and polished brass base gives this art deco cabinet a fun and contemporary take, and helps to lighten up the room while still maintaining that air of sophistication.

Koket Burlesque Console

koket_burlesque-console-1 (1000x715).jpgThe acrobatic loops and spins base paired with black exotic skins will transport you into the world of French cabaret and keep things a little bit more risqué.

Andrew Martin Atom Chair

andrewmartin_atom_chair_angle_1 (500x500).jpg

A daring take on deep-sea naval marine mines, this geometric pyramid chair puts the finishing touches to an opulent living room.

Koket Vivre Chandelier 

koket_vivre-chandelier-1 (500x449).jpg

With contrasting vintage details and a modern profile, the metal chandelier offers that perfect glow for your bedroom.

Eichholtz Galileo Desk

eichholtz_galileodesk (500x500).jpg

Make science sexy again with this molecular desk furbished with an angular gold finished metal base and curved glass top.

Boca de Lobo Tortuga Chest 

boco_tortuga_03 (1000x655).jpg

For an edgier look, try this wooden chest covered in brass plate with a velvet-lined interior. This bespoke piece is a sure standout that will have your guests talking about all night. 

Maison Valentina Lapiaz Freestand 

maison_valentina_lapiaz-bathtub-1 (1000x489).jpg

Relax and unwind with a glass of red wine in hand in this Lapiaz-inspired bath tub. The French word Lapiaz describe karst formations, which are produced by surface dissolution of limestone or dolomite rocks.

Koket Guilt Mirror

koket_guilt-mirror-1 (500x500).jpg

The only thing you'll be guilty about is checking yourself out time and time again in this art deco-inspired mirror made of hammered and textured metal with slightly hard edges.

 Brabbu  Niku Floor Lamp

brabbu_niku-floor-lamp-contemporary-lighting-design-by-brabbu-1 (944x500).jpgIlluminate your room with exoticism, bright and light ambience with this island-like lamp that has eight emerging spheres and specks of gold plated brass.

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