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The Chidlom area has long been known as Bangkok's upscale area filled with luxurious department stores and, nearby on Luangsuan, some of the city's most exciting restaurants. Chidlom is the quintessence of truly refined urban living in Bangkok and if you want to live where it's happening, you can at 28 Chidlom. 

A mere 250 metres from Chidlom BTS station and 180 metres from Central Chidlom, 28 Chidlom is a rare jewel of real estate. Built by the renowned property developer SC Asset, it consists of two structures—The Tower and The Villa. Approximately 80 per cent of the former has already been sold while the latter will be officially launched this month. 

The inspiration for 28 Chidlom comes from the building's own location. The exterior of both The Tower and The Villa draws influence from a sparkling jewel, its many facets shining in the sun. The architectural design features a jewel-box façade, the angles of which give each unit unmatched privacy and lend distinctive dimensions to the buildings.

Interiors are no less intriguing. The second source of inspiration for 28 Chidlom, nature helself, becomes more evident with the abundance of plants decorating the spacious semi-outdoor lobby area. The ceiling soars a grand seven metres overhead, giving a light and airy feel that is enhanced by marble décor and green and serene neutral tones. In fact,  two-thirds of the development’s grounds are reserved for verdant gardens alone: a plethora of ferns carpet open areas, resembling the rich floors of Thai forests, and walls are festooned with potted plants, many of them artfully hanging down, others of the climbing variety.

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Home Units

Staring at 13-15 million baht, the units at 28 Chidlom range from one to three bedrooms and the development can accommodate 358 cars in safe parking. The rooms are also specially designed to be havens of tranquillity with high ceilings and large L-shaped windows letting maximum natural sunlight stream in. Units on exclusive floors in the high zone get that extra privilege of being a bit closer to the heavens, gazing down on busy Bangkok below. Interior decoration is the preserve of owners who can imprint their individual lifestyle preferences as they wish.


Facilities at 28 Chidlom accommodate the urban way of life with many designed to relieve stress. There’s the Therapeutic Wellness floor with an open-air heated spa pool, spa-grade sauna and a steam room to sweat away the toxins and stresses that accumulate in daily life. Fitness enthusiasts will delight in fully equipped fitness centres and 20-metre salt-water lap pools in both towers. Kids can enjoy themselves at an indoor swimming pool on the same floor, away from harsh sunlight and hot weather, while parents can keep an eye on them from the mezzanine.

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In Chidlom, everything one could need is within convenient reach. Accomodating its high-profile location, 28 Chidlom facilitates this reach in the most dignified manner. Such proximity to the best shops, restaurants and surrounding facilities, coupled with a tasteful urban oasis to call home, makes 28 Chidlom the place to live in Bangkok.


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