Akapol Sudsana

A big advocate for contemporary art in the community, ‘Op’ is a co-founder of Bangkok CityCity Gallery, which came out of nowhere but since its 2014 launch has been drawing large young-to-old crowds with a run of hit solo shows that have veered jarringly yet entertainingly between crowd-pleasing (think street art and film director's Nawapol Thamrongrattanarit exhibition I Write You A Lot) and challenging. In terms of footfall, which is still miniscule in most Bangkok galleries, CityCity seems to possess the magic formula, although Op says it’s simply down to teamwork and “sheer bloody hard graft…although a proper vision and clear planning have been important in overcoming challenges too.” And if this firm supporter of the nationwide adoption of renewable energies wasn’t part of the art scene? “I’d be a superhero with super rap powers, which I’d use to educate and entertain.”

Definition of success: Inspiring people.