When the sun goes down in Paris, another world comes out to play. Many intriguing tales await discovery of those in search of nighttime adventure, very much like the story of a group of heart-stoppingly sophisticated girlfriends out about town in a short film by Fendi, Girl’s Secret.

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The story follows a modern-day Marie Antoinette (played by rising French actress Sigrid Bouaziz) as she soaks in an extraordinary Paris with her lively and coquettish crew. Classily attired top-to-toe in Fendi, the girls glide from one opulent party to the next in an 18th century art de vivre setting, set at a kawaii techno pace.

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The film offers an intimate and romantic view of Fendi’s 2017 spring/summer and pre-fall collections as depicted by the fashionable, youthful lifestyle of today.

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