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Image: Courtesy of businessoffashion.com

Every year, The Business of Fashion releases a hand-picked list of 500 power players in the global fashion industry, titled the #BOF500. Ranging from artful designers and their beautiful muses to fashion execs, technologists and editors, the list is a carefully curated selection of the industry’s gamechangers whose impact are felt strongest.


Image: Courtesy of businessoffashion.com

Marking the sixth annual edition of the #BOF500, this year’s list holds extra meaning for Thai people, as one of our society faces has made it onto the list. Thai-based model and actress Urassaya Sperbund is amongst one of the 500 industry catalysts recognised for their influence on the fashion scene, a global shoutout to Thailand’s burgeoning design and entertainment industries.


Courtesy of IG @urassayas

Colloquially known as Yaya, the young superstar has come a long way from her Game Rai Game Ruk days. Expanding on her international profile, Yaya has become a rather familiar front-row face at events such as Paris Fashion Week and has also scored collaborations with global brands such as Maybelline and Uniqlo. A major turning point in her career came recently when she made her debut as a Ghesquière girl, boosting her rise on the global fashion stage. Today, avid followers of international fashion trends in Thailand get a little bit of national triumph as Yaya stands with other prominent names in the industry on the BOF 500 list, including world-acclaimed designer Alexander Wang and it-girl Alexa Chung.

To see who else made it or find out more about the list, visit  businessoffashion.com/community/bof500/2018.  See Yaya’s profile on the list here.

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