Header.jpgConfused and overwhelmed by all the different trend reports out there? Well, fret not. We've done your fashion research for you by bringing together the hottest trends of the season.


Fresh Feminity.jpg

 1. Fresh Feminity 

According to Lisa Aiken, Retail Fashion Director at NET-A-PORTER, "This season we see a return to all things pretty and feminine," as designers send their best ladylike looks on the runway. From vintage florals to pastel tones, it's time to celebrate the female presence with these romantic looks.



2.  #Throwback

"'80s and ‘90s references have featured heavily in seasons past and have worked their way into our wardrobes, think: checked blazers, high waisted jeans, boyfriend shape tees and retro sneakers. Now, puff sleeves, tweed jackets and chain jewellery all combine to create the most literal representation of this era we have seen to date," Aiken shares.

Take a nostalgic walk down the fashion memory lane as anything 'old' become cool again. Trust us when we say you'll want to wear these items everyday, and not just on #ThrowbackThursday!


Colour Me Happy.jpg

3. Colour Me Happy

"Saturated shades and crayola brights have become far less intimidating. Even in terms of styling, the clash has been taken one step further with bright on bright," Aiken says.

While clashing your colours used to be a huge no-no, this season it's time to experiment and embrace unusual colour combinations. Say goodbye to dreary neutrals and hello to Crayola colours.