Headquartered in Bangkok, Timo Trunks has been unapologetically making men's swimwear as vibrant and fun as women's since 2011 and recently, they've unveiled a pair of swim trunks that excite us the way HBO did when it accidentally released Game of Thrones episode 6 a week early—oops.

Meet the trunks of Winterfell. Based in a flattering blue, clad with direwolves (including the standout albino, Jon Snow's own pup Ghost) and gently dusted in falling snow, these are the it-swimwear for any King of the North.  

TIMO Winterfell2.jpg

Long Prep Winterfell trunks

The Winterfell trunks are available now in "long prep" style on timotrunks.com and in select Timo Trunks boutiques. If you're a bigger fan of Timo's shorter "edition"  format of swim trunks, there's also a Stark pair that are sans snow but feature the wolves and fire, an allusion GOT fans can speculate upon as they please.

stark edition2.jpg

Edition Stark trunks

 While you decide on which Game of Thrones-inspired swim trunks to buy for yourself or your show-obsessed mate, check out this animated visualisation of the design concept from Timo: 

TIMO : Winterfell from Kittikhun Kittisowan on Vimeo.

Timo Trunks ships worldwide and is available in boutiques in 13 countries, including Thailand, Japan, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, the US, the UK, Australia and various countries in Europe.

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