Last April, Louis Vuitton paired up with American artist Jeff Koons to create the Masters collection—a series of bags and accessories that sees the New York-based artist’s reinterpretation of Master’s paintings transposed onto the canvas of Louis Vuitton iconic bags, including the Speedy, Keepall, and Neverfull, using innovative printing techniques to create iconic bags that are a must-have for any avid art collector.

The fashion house is now back with a second collection, this time featuring six new masterpieces from Claude Monet, Édouard Manet,  Paul Gauguin,  J.m.W. Turner, Francois Boucher and an exclusive piece from Nicolas Poussin. 

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Every one of these paintings represents Koon’s connection to each of the artists.  “They are part of my DNA,” Koons says. “When somebody walks down the street with this bag or sits in a cafe with this bag,” Koons says of the Manet Neverfull, “it’s communicating a love of humanism.”

Here’s a sneak peek of the upcoming collection:

M43316_FRONT VIEW 3 - Copy.jpg

M64633_FRONT VIEW 1 - Copyx.jpg

M43369_FRONT VIEW - Copy.jpg

M53501_FRONT VIEW - Copy.jpg

M53502_FRONT VIEW - Copy.jpg

M64602_front view 2.jpg

M67589_front view - Copy.jpg

 The second chapter of the Masters collection launches in stores globally on October 27.

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