The success of the first Kingsman movie spawned a renewed global interest in British menswear style. With the upcoming release of the sequel, Kingsman: The Golden Circle, a new group of stylish spies are taking the spotlight. As a primer for the release of the movie, we’ve rounded up some tips for you stylish fellows who are looking to upgrade your looks this season:

Kingsman: clean tailoring


Looks by Dunhill and Botega Veneta

Nothing screams British more than sporting a perfectly tailored ensemble. The best way to achieve this is by going bespoke, following Kingsman tradition. Hot items include a fun double-breasted suit and a luxurious velvet blazer.

Kingsman: masterful layering


Looks by Hugo Boss, Dunhill, and Botega Veneta

A trusty coat takes an outfit to another level as it encourages creative decisions on layering. The shirt + necktie+ suit + long coat combination is a classic that works on all levels, but just be mindful of the shoe pairing and additional accessories.

Statesman: leather power


Looks by Hermès and Salvatore Ferragamo

As gathered from various movie stills and trailers of the Kingsman sequel, the Statesmen’s style leans towards the tough-guy territory—a stark contrast from the Kingsmen’s dapper look. As such, a leather jacket lends an unmistakable rugged appeal to even the simplest of outfits. Go for a furry iteration if you’re feeling adventurous.

Statesman: casual denim


Looks by Brunello Cucinelli and Botega Veneta

Denim on denim can be closely associated with Western style that seems to be something the Statesmen are going for, but it can be very tricky to pull off. You can test the waters by combining denim with other items of contrasting textures and colours for a winning look.

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