Hamburg and the Elbphillharmonie presented Chanel's 2017/18 Metiers d'art collection in a grand event at a spectacular waterfront building designed by architects Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron. Karl Lagerfield drew inspiration for the new collection from Gabrielle Chanel’s original rebellious adaptation of men’s striped sailor tops and pea coats into women’s fashion. Additionally inspired by the coherence of the past, present and future, Karl Lagerfield worked to defy traditional interpretations of masculine and feminine fashion. This new-and-improved sailor girl embraces masculinity while adding her own feminine twist.

Each piece in the collection designed to ensure the female captain and her crew have everything they need before setting sail into the open sea, here are a few of the highlights of the iconic Chanel collection.



In the scenic Elbphillharmonie runway show, each look was topped off with a captain’s cap. Paired with a black translucent veil or left as is, the cap really sets the tone for the collection by establishing power and introducing a masculine role into traditional feminine style. 



The iconic jackets in this Chanel collection come in two pea-coat variations. The first has a short flared cut, perfect for a cool evening on the deck with an ensemble such as adorable mini-skirt and big bow to match. The second is longer with a high collar which serves as protection from the cold nights in the cabin. 



Inspired by motifs such as Hamburg’s brickwork, shipping containers and the utilitarian bags of seafarers themselves, bags are the eye-catching statements in each of this collection's look. Keep an eye out for expressive tweeding patterns and unconventional materials and forms, as well as larger functional pieces like duffels, this season.

Black & White


The life-line of the collection are the dresses or skirt combos in Chanel's iconic monochrome palette. From the elegant long black chiffon skirt to nautical inspired garments, such as white or striped sailor dresses or an intricately embroidered black vest piece, each look is unique and, at the same time, "very Chanel". 

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