Titled Sense and Sensuality, Senada’s Autumn/Winter 2017 collection takes inspiration from Jane Austen and the classic femininity enshired by her famous romantic novels. The twist on the title, however, underlies the brand’s creative director, Chanita Preechawitayakul’s ambition to bridge this classical elegance of the Regency Era with a modern flirtation.

As an autumn-winter collection, Sense and Sensuality embraces fashion for the cold—or in our case, cooler—season without trapping wearers under layers and layers of bulky garments. Beneath a necessary wool outerwear, you might find light lacy fabrics and grey floral prints representing summer’s last breath.






S05_028 1_resize.jpg






The romance continues with playful slits on floor-grazing hems of trousers and long skirts that can be zipped up and down to the lady’s likings. In terms of colour palette, creams and beiges amongst a throng of monochromes capture the essence of a fading autumn, while kicks of green (still the Pantone colour of the year, by the way) allude to Christmas’ conifers and the satin finishing—the winter’s sun reflecting off melting ice tips, the designer shares. Poetic.

One of the most impactful appeals of the collection is its reverence of feminine forms and materials. The empire silhouette, of French aristocratic origins, and sheers reflects the confidence of a woman who is aware of and loves her sensuality. Meanwhile, girly details like ruffles tastefully balance the look out with a pure loveliness.


Find the collection today at the 1st floor of Siam Paragon, 2nd floor of The EmQuartier and 3rd floor of Siam Center. senadatheory.com

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