Known for its unique design, quality cutting and iconic large chrome buckle, luxury shoemaker Roger Vivier has graced the heels of the world’s independent, successful and undeniably stylish since the 1960s. Today, Roger Vivier continues to support females who excel, using a more modernised design approach to suit women who prefer a blend of elegance and efficiency, while maintaining the sophisticated eccentricity signature to Vivier’s look and haute couture origins.

In Roger Vivier’s latest project with Thailand Tatler, ‘The Power of Modern Ladies’, 20 of Thailand’s young, successful and independent women are gathered. These female game-changers—all of whom are entrepreneurs below 40—are premier examples of modern women who have achieved success with elegance and a dedicated conviction, reminding us of the value in approaching your goals with self-motivation and determination, as well as continuing to dream big.

Refined and stylish with a touch of young, passionate energy, see the teaser video for a glimpse into Roger Vivier and Thailand Tatler's 'The Power of Modern Ladies':

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