Incredibly, Pleats Please Issey Miyake Thailand has reached its 10th anniversary, and to celebrate this remarkable milestone, the renowned clothing line has released a limited edition collection, sold only in Thailand.

Labeled 'MedeTai’, the name of the special collection means 'congratulatory' in Japanese, a word that also alludes to the Japanese Red Seabream tai, or madai—a symbol of good fortune, happiness and celebration. 'Tai' here, of course, also serves as a clever homonym for Thai, adding an even deeper meaning to the collection for the brand's Thai fans. 

While you can expect the collection to capitalise on modern, minimalist aesthetics and pleats—let's not forget!—what's distinct about the collection is a reoccurring madai scales pattern and a colour palette of black, gold, white and red: colours of celebration in Japan. Here's a sneak peak of what's on offer in this Thailand-exclusive collection:  

Dress With Tai Motif
Dress with Tai Motif.jpg

One of the most eye-catching pieces in the collection is this breezy but also shapely one-piece made of the brand's iconic pleated fabric and newly featuring this beautiful red tai motif print. 

Sleeveless Top With Tai motif
Sleeveless Top with Tai Motif.jpg

If you're looking for a top to go elegantly with slacks or a modest skirt but also one that makes a statement, this sleeveless top featuring the tai print in black is high versatile, easy to mix and match and, most importantly, not basic!

 Tee With Gold Tai Screen Print Tee print screened  with Tai illustration in gold.jpg

For something a little more casual but still stunning, this tee perfectly reinforces the concept behind the collection, featuring a striking golden screen print of the tai fish. You can easily wear this tee with your favourite jeans or how about a long pleated Issey Miyake skirt!

 Triangle Bag With Tai Motif
Triangle Bag with Tai Motif.jpg

Lastly, to really tie in looks from this collection, you'll need a matching accessory. This pleated drawstring bag is a simple design that offers so much. Elegant but also expandable (two words not often seen together) and dressed in abstract tai, this purse is a shoutout to traditional Japanese totes sported with more casual kimonos. Wear it chic-ly with literally anything. 

The entire MedeTai collection is on display right now at Siam Discovery’s G Floor until the end of January 2018. You can shop the collection exclusively at the Issey Miyake Siam Discovery Duplex Store.

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