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As the initial excitement of “new year, new me” shopping wears off, some of us find ourselves back to the routine of wearing the same drab work attire day in and day out. But who said work-wear had to be dull? An easy way to add some spark to your daily routine is by jazzing up your footwear game. To help you find some shoe-spiration for your wardrobe, we’ve gathered the best from Hermès' 2018 Spring-Summer Shoe Collection. Here are our picks (and men, we didn't leave you out)!

Sandal in solar-orange linen canvas and wine-red calfskin

01-Sandale en toile de lin@Tim Elkaim.jpg


 Sandal with thin straps in multicoloured calfskin

02-Sandale a fines brides@Tim Elkaim.jpg

 Heeled sandal in solar-orange suede goatskin

03-Sandale a talon en chevre@Tim Elkaim.jpg

Mules with fringes in sky-blue calfskin

04-Mules … franges en chŠvre@Tim Elkaim.jpg

 Sandal in brown palisander calfskin

05-Sandale en veau@Tim Elkaim.jpg


 Mules in white and natural calfskin

06-Mules en veau@Tim Elkaim.jpg

 Yoke style ankle boot in beige palisander calfskin

07-Bottine a jeux d'empiecements en veau@Tim Elkaim.jpg

 Heeled sandal with interlacing in beige straw suede goatskin

08-Sandale a talon@Tim Elkaim.jpg

 Riding boot in string Déchainée camp canvas and black calfskin

09-Botte cavaliere en toile@Tim Elkaim.jpg

Wedge heel sandal with black and white Cavale strap, and black rope

010-Sandale a talon compense@Tim Elkaim.jpg

 Sandal with platform sole in multicoloured calfskin and sky-blue strap

011-Sandale a semelle compensee@Tim Elkaim.jpg

Sandal in wine-red calfskin with wedge heel in multicoloured calfskin

012-Sandale en veau a talon compense@Tim Elkaim.jpg

Patchwork style sneakers in wine-red, sky-blue, white and black calfskin

013-Basket femme fa‡on patchwork@Tim Elkaim.jpg

 Sneaker with elasticated strap in sky-blue technical canvas

014-Basket femme a sangles@Tim Elkaim.jpg

 Sneakers in jersy and multicoloured Festival des amazones print, handwoven

015-Baskets femme en jersey@Tim Elkaim.jpg

 HOMME: Patchwork style sneaker in khaki, yellow, white and black calfskin

01-Basket homme facon patchwork@Tim Elkaim.jpg

HOMME: Sandal in black calfskin

02-Sandale homme en veau@Tim Elkaim.jpg

 HOMME: Sandal with stripes in khaki, yellow, white and black calfskin

03-Sandale homme a jeu de rayures@Tim Elkaim.jpg

 HOMME: Loafer in navy-blue Toscan calfskin with blue contrasted sole

04-Mocassin homme en veau@Tim Elkaim.jpg

 HOMME: Openwork sneaker in khaki technical canvas, black suede goatskin and calfskin

05-Basket homme ajouree en toile@Tim Elkaim.jpg