Marni’s pre-fall collection for 2018 embraces spontaneity and youthfulness, showcasing the childlike innocence of yearning to grow older through the untraditional and irregular fabrics and layers. The collection  is perfect for any woman looking to have a little more fun as she goes about her responsibility-filled life. While the days of drinking lemonade and dancing under the sun may be gone, Pre-Fall Marni allows women everywhere to embrace the nostalgia of their childhood. Have a look and revel in our five favourite looks from the collection.

MARNI_PREFALL_18_Look6_b copy.jpg

This plain navy dress demonstrates the simplicity of childhood, while the big plaid hat, scarf and purse show off a simple and pure creativity associated with youthfulness. Children tend to see more than meets the eyes, and this ensemble plays on children's ability to take something ordinary and make it extraordinary.

MARNI_PREFALL_18_Look8 copy.jpg

Similar to the theme of the previous look with matching plaid accessories, this cream coloured outfit capitalises on layering and pleating, creating an allure that appears larger than life—which is what every child aims to be. 

MARNI_PREFALL_18_Look12 copy.jpg

This pre-fall look certainly plays on the theme of disproportions with its varied layers and coloured patchwork. Giving off an impression that a child unaware or ignorant of common rules constructed this look, this ensemble embraces a limitless palette for creative exploration. 

MARNI_PREFALL_18_Look27 copy.jpg

Intentionally oversized, this skirt and blouse combination creates the look of a little girl playing dress-up in her mother's closet. Yearning to grow up, the little girl fails to realise the act of playing dress-up is a youthful pastime. We feel a sense of nostalgia from this collection that ironically makes us wish we could go back to those days of playing dress-up rather than actually having to dress up for work. 


Finally, we just can't get enough of this vibrant look. Built on the concept of primary colours we are all introduced to as children—red, yellow and blue—this combination plays on the constrast of iconically clashing and yet corresponding hues. What really makes this look special is the matching necklace and earrings that allow us to play with our accessories as if they were toys. 

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