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Looks from the Maison Kitsuné X NBA capsule collection 

A fashion collaboration between a hip luxury lifestyle brand like Kitsuné and the NBA, though unprecedented and not as predictable, sounds like a matchmade in streetwear heaven now that it's been announced.  

Made in Japan but embodying the street spirit of the classic american sport, this crossover collection between the Euro-Japanese maison and the American National Basketbal Association simultaneously offers clean lines and sporty spunk.  Clothes in the collection, whether a t-shirt, denim jacket, shorts, trousers or even jumpers and sweats,  follow the loose and comfortable fit for both men and women, however departing from bagginess.

Kitsuné x NBA_HugoDenisQueinec_09.jpgHighlights of the collection include a tee printed with all the official NBA teams' logos in randomized fashion, a jean jacket with the official NBA logo screened in just black on the back and the "2017-2018 National Basketball Association & Kitsuné" sports jacket.

Kitsuné x NBA_HugoDenisQueinec_12.jpg

Moreover, a subdued sporty palette of black and white, natural denim tones and just a few muted pastels of this ultra-chic line confirm the softer and more 90s old school direction streetwear is taking these days. Here, have a peak at the lookbook if you're not convinced:  

Kitsuné x NBA_HugoDenisQueinec_02.jpg

Kitsuné x NBA_HugoDenisQueinec_05.jpg

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Kitsuné x NBA_HugoDenisQueinec_07.jpg

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Kitsuné x NBA_HugoDenisQueinec_11.jpg

Kitsuné x NBA_HugoDenisQueinec_13.jpg

Find the Maison Kitsuné X NBA capsule collection at Siwilai Store on the 5th floor of Central Embassy today.

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