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When Jim Thompson settled in Thailand after serving as a military officer in World War II, he was especially drawn to the country’s cultural hub and natural landscapes. Thailand’s ability to embrace rich art and culture in both urban and rural settings sets the country aside from most. This unique combination of mediums formed the vision for Jim Thompson’s Fall/Winter 2018 collection and serves as a tribute to the legendary Jim Thompson.

Drawing much inspiration from Thailand’s tropical sunset, warm lights and vibrant rainforests, the collection was formulated from a palette of warm and vivid colours. While the menswear reflects Thompson’s past at Princeton University, the women’s sheds a light on sensual yet mysterious Southeast Asian beauty. Infused with traditional Thai silks, the result is a natural crossover between male and female designs to create gender-fluidity between lines and an overall fall collection that serves as a time machine traveling from Thompson’s past life to the present and future.

Here are the highlights of the collection: 

 The Colours

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The colour story for this season’s collection blends warm and vivid organic tones to showcase the natural beauty of this region. Find coral blues that evoke the flow of the ocean or a deep orange reminiscent of the hot Thai sun. This silk forest green collared top creates the allure of a deep rainforest expedition, accentuated with golden leaves. Paired with a popping bright yellow t-shirt underneath, this look is one of many in the collection channeling the naturally stunning pantones of Thailand.

 The Prints

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From elephants, tigers and monkeys to camouflaging foliage, a series of original prints was created for this fall-winter collection, drawing inspiration from Thai wildlife. This ultra-fierce Jim Thompson girl is killin’ it in a green, mustard and black printed jumpsuit. Her print embodies the spirit of the jungle with its bright green leaves and darker deeply-rooted designs. 

The Silks

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Signature to Jim Thompson, Thai silk is used in all the looks of the fall-winter collection. As a traditional material, the brand makes it accessible to a contemporary crowd by fashioning them in modern silhouettes and with edgy mixing-and-matching of colours and prints. Check out, for instance, this golden short sleeve silk robe with tiger print—dramatic, yet very fresh and sophisticated.


The Embroidery

Look M17 (2) copy.jpg

The embroidery of this Jim Thompson suit is poised down to the smallest detail. If you look closely, you will notice the horizontally embroidered zig-zag lines on the exterior jacket. Underneath, a pastel blue silk pops out with small embroidered polka dots for the shirt and tie. Embroidering can also be seen in a number of looks as a way to build contrast and emphasis between designs.

The Kimonos

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Pulling the entire collection together, the silk kimono infuses the collection's colors, prints and fabric with embroidered design and fabulous silhouette. This kimono uses a teal blue to showcase an intricately embroidered grey Thai forest design. Layered on top of khaki pants and a wildly printed shirt, this Jim Thompson look encompasses the best of earthy Eastern style. 

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