This is a recurring series that brings you the latest in fashion. Here you will find plenty of tips and advice on fashion and style. Go on and give your wardrobe that much needed update!

We live in the age of Gucci and trendy granny-chic looks, with spring and summer just around the corner let out your inner flower child by following these tips


27142734-floral1_resized_1920x1280.jpg1. Big, clashing prints calls for big personality. If the occasion calls for it, go for full-on trend and do a complete mismatch. Keep your look polished by sticking to a colour palette when accessorising.


27142734-floral-2_resized_1290x1980.jpg2. If you are more on the conservative side, incorporate understated pieces in solid colours to keep it modern and less retro.


27142734-floral-3_resized_1290x1980.jpg3. Leave the fringe at home, unless you actually are headed to a music festival step out wearing accessories that complements your outfit without going over the top


27142735-floral-4_resized_1980x1290.jpg4. For a work appropriate look, opt for floral trousers and print blouses with a victorian collar, or a pussy bow instead of the flimsy frocks and long skirts


27142734-floral-5_resized_1290x1980.jpg5. On a night out? Go for sheer and let your silhouette show in delicate floral tops. Keep your hair sleek and your make up dramatic.