Staying healthy and keeping in shape can be a “full-time” job, but Ase Wang manages both effortlessly while juggling an impressive career. The scion of the Phoon Huat wholesale baking supplies empire coolly walked away from her privileged background to strike out on her own without a dime from her parents. Making her debut as an actress and model, the gorgeous Chinese-Swedish stunner emerged as a highly sought-after talent in Hong Kong and Thailand. She appeared alongside stars such as Aaron Kwok, Leon Lai and Edison Chen in music videos, and graced numerous magazine covers. After more than a decade of fame, Ase turned her head to business and founded a chain of successful gyms and barber shops in Thailand, as well as a swimwear line. She shares her best-kept secrets for balancing career and beauty.

Health is Beauty

Gone are the days when skinny was considered beautiful. With the “fitspo”, short for “fitspiration”, movement on the rise, women are beginning to pursue a healthier body image—and body. Ase set up Box Hiit by Ase Wang to offer high-intensity interval training and boxing in Thailand. “There were a lot of Thai women who didn’t want to work out; they just wanted to be skinny but they didn’t have any energy. Fortunately, there has been a wave of positive change in Thailand recently, and people have started to embrace the lifestyle of working out to stay healthy and beautiful,” she says.

Taking Care of Herself

Spending more than a decade as a model and actress, Ase has had to juggle impossible schedules and jet around the globe. More than anything, she believes in taking care of herself. Besides exercise, this includes eating nutritious food and committing to a good skincare regime.

Owning Her Curves

A regular workout regime and proper nutrition are undoubtedly important, but the head-turner also believes in getting a little extra help. To target stubborn pockets of fats and cellulite that exercise and dieting can’t fix, she recommends the Vanquish ME treatment at Cambridge Therapeutics. Dubbed the “liposuction alternative”, this non-invasive body shaping technology uses radiofrequency energy to heat and kill fat cells without damaging surrounding tissue. The world’s first contactless fat reduction machine, this FDA‑approved lunchtime procedure is safe and offers great results. Fitting perfectly into Ase’s busy schedule, the treatment shapes her up for high‑profile events and gives her curves that extra oomph. 

Building Her Personal Brand

Having forged her own path and built her personal brand from scratch, Ase is understandably selective about who she works with. “I only collaborate with progressive brands that I personally believe in. I agreed to be the brand ambassador of Cambridge Therapeutics because I find their cutting-edge, results-oriented treatments very empowering. They help women achieve their fitness and body goals, and frees up time for them to pursue their other dreams as well,” she shares.

Being Herself

Equally gorgeous in red-carpet gowns and streetwear, Ase believes beauty is being comfortable in your own skin. A paragon of beauty, smarts and strength, she reshapes what it means to be truly beautiful today.  

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