By now, you would have probably seen or own an item from the Louis Vuitton Masters collection. But do you know what it takes to actually create one of these pieces? The French house gives us an exclusive look at the thought process behind this acclaimed collaboration.

Image: Gregoire Vieille
1. The gold lettering acts as a cheeky wink to Koon's past work

The reflective metallic letters placed in front of each bag are both meant to be educational and symbolic. It helps to explain to the customer who painted the artwork screen printed on the bag as well as a subtle reference to Koon's gazing ball exhibition—a show where the artist repainted versions of masterpieces with a shiny blue sphere placed in each painting.


Image: Gregoire Vieille
2. The flower shapes on the bag are specifically developed and crafted for this project

Crafted after the Louis Vuitton monogram flower, the emblems are specially produced for the collection and are a feminine and round interpretation of this distinctive signature of the house.


Image: Gregoire Vieille
3. Each piece has to be specially printed to preserve the quality of the art work

The printing of the canvas is an inimitable and unique process and is impeccably processed by Louis Vuitton's finest craftsmen. The canvas is patterned with an exceptional print and produced in accordance to the colour and specificity of each painting in order to stay true to the original piece. Every museum involved provides a high resolution file of the image for the artisans to work with.


Image: Gregoire Vieille
4. All the colours are carefully selected and validated by Koons

The metallic details of the bags (except the lock and snap hook) are coloured as a symbol of the unique precision and consistency of this collection and matches the colour palette of the bag perfectly.


Image: Gregoire Vieille
5. The inside of the bag is just as luxe as the outside

The leather used for the bags were selected for their superb, silky texture with a fine and delicate grain. Each item is lined with leather which is embossed and printed with gold that tells the story of this unexpected collaboration.