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Dior Cruise 2018

 If you were on the hype train of HBO’s Westworld, Dior’s Cruise 2018 ready-to-wear collection will make your wildest western dreams come true. The thematic set presents itself with every essential character in a classic Western. There’s the highly tailored wealthy newcomer, the intimidating riffraff who walks into town whenever she pleases, the town belle singled out in a very feminine dress and the tough chick who borrows daddy’s gun and leather coat.









The gunslingin’ vibes were extended in the collection’s scenic debut show in the outerlands of Los Angeles last month. Hollywood A-listers from Charlize Theron and Demi Moore to Rihanna and Kate Bosworth were drawn out to the vast Upper Las Virgenes Canyon Open Space Preserve in California, where Dior docked two huge hot air balloons,  to watch models strut the outdoor runway in new Old Western-chic clothing and show-stealing cowboy hats of a style known esoterically by cowboy fashion experts as the “telescope”.

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Despite the cinematic appeal of the collection, artistic director Maria Grazia Chiuri attributes greater inspiration to actual anthropology than silver screen fiction. Embroideries on many of the garments as well as hand-painted details on the cowboy hats were reinterpreted from thousands of years old Lascaux cave paintings - something the original Monsier Dior also visited for his designs in the 50s.

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