Ask any professional how to stay young and healthy and the answer is pretty much consistent: sleep right, eat right, and make sure you get enough exercise. Yet in an era defined by overlapping schedules, a lifestyle of balanced diets and morning jogs easily becomes the New Year’s resolution you’re first to break. But must we really sacrifice the idea of being healthy in order to keep up with our busy lives? World-renowned pharmaceutical powerhouse Swiss Caps says no.


With ingredients extracted from deep seas that contain rejuvenating DNA, Celergen uses marine-based therapies to combat visible signs of aging and degenerative diseases. The supplement triggers cell repair and makes up for essential nutrients that our bodies lack, sparking a boost in vitality that leads to a healthier complexion and enhanced beauty. While other cell therapy treatments are injected into the body, Celergen is modern cell-therapy in easy-to-consume soft gel capsules. Doctors and  socialites tell us themselves how Celergen has rescued their vitality in their busy lives. 

Feelin' Good & Lookin' Good

Apiphawadee Snidvongs.JPG

Apiphawadee Snidvongs, founder of corporate consulting company 360 Degrees, and special events organizer Très Bien.

Juggling between being a single mum as well as established CEO, Apiphawadee takes busy to the next level. However, with Celergen, the busy-body says she has been able to recharge more efficiently. "I find it easier to fall into a deep sleep, and that really helps with other aspects of life. With enough sleep I feel revitalised and more energised during the day and when I exercise I feel less tired afterwards. Good sleep has also helped my complexion and sight to improve. When your inner-self is healthier, it reflects in your interaction with others."

The Elixer of Youth is Marine-Based


Dr. Somboon Roongphornchai, specialist in anti-ageing sports medicine.

An expert in anti-ageing sports medicine, Dr. Somboon mentions the miraculous nature of DNA found in the deep sea, which happens to be a key ingredient in Celergen. "Just look at some species from the deep sea—if you cut off their limbs, they grow back. These remarkable capabilities hold powerful potential for combating not only ageing, but cartilage rejuvenation. Substances such as collagen, RNA and DNA are effective cell therapies because they positively affect proteins in the centre of the cell, which in turn helps control the cell and fix issues many people face today such as imbalanced hormones, leading to unpleasant symptoms such as fatigue or irregular menstrual periods. " 

Nobody Is Perfect


Dr. Pansak Sugkraroek, reproductive endocrinologist.

Renowned reproductive endocrinologist Dr. Pansak Sugkraroek reminds us that while it is hard to fit healthy habits into tight schedules, the extremely busy can still be extremely healthy with the help of supplements such as Celergen. "Everyone knows that holistic health comes as a result of a balanced lifestyle—sleep right, eat right and exercise. But in realtiy, nothing is that perfect. Few are able to achieve such high standards. There are three factors critical to good overall health—hormones, circulation and muscle tone. Proper function of all three are dependent on the cells. As a reproductive endocrinologist, I'd like to say this includes sex hormones. I cannot overstress the importance of wisely choosing premium-grade products that contain these substances. They truly contribute to more balanced hormones, better sexual health and ultimately, better holistic health."

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