Cara Delevigne is a woman who needs no introduction. You’ve seen her walking some of the biggest fashion shows in the world, you’ve seen her grace the covers of international magazines, and you’ve probably seen her on the silver screen in blockbuster hits like Valerian and Suicide Squad.

In light of her new holiday campaign for Jimmy Choo, we caught up with the British polymath to talk about how to dress for the holidays, how she defines success and her favourite dance moves.   

You’re starring in the Jimmy Choo holiday campaign, what is your idea of the perfect Christmas?

Friends, family, food, feast, fiesta and obviously lots of presents!

Can you describe your favourite party season outfit of all time?

I really love to dress up—and I’m not just talking about looking nice. I do like to put on a crazy outfit and be an elf or a reindeer, or just wear a nice sparkly dress with a red nose for something different and quirky. 

How do you think your style has changed as you’ve got older and changed the emphasis of your career?

As I’ve grown up, my style has changed. I wear less statement T-shirts and baseball caps. Now it’s more about a beret and leather jacket. I think it’s just matured in a way, but I like to be comfortable in what I wear.

The Jimmy Choo collection includes several unisex styles, some of which you were pictured wearing—androgyny has become such a staple in stylish women’s wardrobes, what is your top tip for mastering the look?

Being male or female is less ‘opposite’ now than it ever has been. I don’t think it’s necessarily about picking something that a man would wear, I think it’s about feeling comfortable whether it is masculine or feminine.

If you decide to wear a suit, I don’t think that necessarily has to be masculine. Mastering the look is just about being comfortable with whatever you feel that day.

Which were your favourite shoes from the shoot and why?

My favourite shoes form the shoot were definitely the black MAINE heeled boots with multi-coloured gems. I think they really represent New York and the different coloured lights. They’re also extremely comfortable.