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As you've surely seen by now on our social platforms, this year's Thailand Tatler Ball took a more festive and playful turn with its theme, inviting our high society guests to come in their best Cuban fiesta outfit. Proving that hi-sos know how to have fun, on the evening of September 27, 2018, the Grand Ballroom of the Grand Hyatt Erawan was saturated with colours, florals, ruffles and even fruits as guests clearly took the dress code to heart. Here are some of the most memorable, creative and put-together looks of our "Havana Nights" ball. 

Chumpol Jangprai and Nicky Thaparadhara

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Inseparable at the Thailand Tatler Ball, Iron Chef Chumpol Jangprai and Nicky Thaparadhara arrived looking ready to party Havana style! We are particularly obsessed with the choices of accessories in play here, from those fabulously dramatic frames, head wrap and earrings to chef's brown hat and shoes. 

Intira Thanavisuth

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A best dressed list regular, Intira boldly mixes prints, ruffles and asymmetry in this highly curated ensemble, smartly tied together by the colour red. 

Joe Cheung

Joe Cheung.JPG

By accident or on purpose, Intira's sweetheart Joe also took the fashion-forward approach to "Havana Nights" of featuring a fun print but making sure everything—including his hair—align in a single colour. 

Komol and Sasivimol Dararattanaroj and Vasavat Wattanasirisombat

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Sasivimol Dararattanaroj absolutely stole the scene at the Thailand Tatler Ball with this incredible pineapple salsa outfit. Her entourage didn't let her down either with mix-and-match Cuban styled suits—complete with a cigar in hand. "Tens! Tens! Tens across the board!"

Nanthanvan Sangthamkitgul, Pattharapol and Lee Puengboonpra

Nanthavan Sangthamkitgul, Pattharapol and Lee Puengboonpra.JPG

Make room for the #pineapplesquad! A spectacle at every high society event,  Peepy and mother Lee were joined by the equally eccentric Nare, combining their head gear, eyewear, jewellery and amazingly matching pineapple purses to create this fresh fashion moment at our ball.

Onchuma Durongdej

Onchuma Durongdej.JPG

Last Thailand Tatler Ball's best dressed lady, Onchuma never fails to impress with her dress at any occasion. Here she takes a more modernised and abstract approach to Havana Nights, and we're absolutely sold on it. 

Panidhi Snidvongs na Ayudhaya

Panidhi Snidvongs na Ayudhaya.jpg

We were waiting for someone to come to our ball as Carmen Miranda—The Chiquita Banana Girl—and here she is! Panidhi Snidvongs na Ayudhaya went all out for the Latin theme with the fruit salad headdress, a basket of flowers and that tiered ruffle dress. 

Panitnuj Bunnag

Panitnuj Bunnag.JPG

Panitnuj was one of the few at the ball who managed to combine the Latina essence with full-on black tie glamour—not at all an easy task! This look is Thailand Tatler Ball 2018 perfection. 

Phimmshin Phakkapakchon

Phimmshinn Phakkapakchon.JPG

Phimmshin's silky purple one-shoulder gown stood out amongst the crown. We love the matching headwrap with playful frontal flowers. 

Poruethai Narongdej

Poruethai Narongdej.JPG

Poruethai interprets Havana Nights with a chic 1920s flapper girl twist. The details in this look are impeccable, from the sophisticated black and white colour palette and polka dot print to reoccuring motif of tassels. 

Saisorn Wongsasuluk

Saisom Wongsasuluk.JPG

With an ensemble so reminiscent of the real bata Cubana, we have to ask if Saisorn Wongsasuluk comes from a line of Cuban cabaret entertainers.

Sappasit Foongfaungchaveng

Sappasit Foongfaungchaveng.JPG

Tell us we made the wrong decision with the Most Stylish Man of the year. We'll wait.

Sikanya Saktidej Bhanubandh and Nachanok Ratanadaros

Sikanya Saktidej Bhanubandh and Nachanok Ratanadaros.JPG

While Pau was chosen as the best dressed woman of the night, we feel like her look is fully appreciated when next to hubby Golf in his fantastic lemon suit. This power couple is giving us Cuban royalty realness if there were ever such a thing. 

Sirisopa Chulasewok

Sirisopa Chulasewok.JPG

As Thailand Tatler's Most Stylish Woman of the year, Sirisopa ditched the dress and went with this black velvet tuxedo look for our Latin-themed ball. She and Thailand Tatler's Most Stylish Man of the year, Pow Sappasit Foongfaungchaveng, have  us convinced that cummerbunds are the it-accessory this season. 

Suchart Mahanatakhun

Suchart Mahantakhun.jpg

Usually very polished and dapper at our parties, Suchart shows us that he is a true man of style, knowing when to dress down and have fun when the theme calls. 

Uraiporn Chalermsaphayakorn

Uraiporn Chalermsaphayakorn.JPG

Uraiporn brought modern chicness to our Havana Nights ball with this minimal metallic green gown, dressing it up with an elaborate floral headdress and a complimenting silver bob that may or may not be real??

Von and Sipim Sugunnasil

Von and Sipim Sugunnasil.jpg

We just can't stand these two! The Sugunnasils made a big fashion statement at the 2018 Thailand Tatler Ball in complementing pastel suits. Note the subtle variations between the two from Sipim's choice of an untied bowtie over Von's statement necktie and the wide pant leg versus straight.

Yanin Viravaidya

Yanin Viravaidya.JPG

A belle like Yanin can't go wrong in a flowy floral halter-top dress with a sexy slit. We're still surprised that someone as effortlessly stunning as her is too shy to ask an attractive guy to dance, as revealed in our Thailand Tatler Ball IG TV story.

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