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Bao Bao bags by Issey Miyake have become a staple accessory. Whether you’re constantly on-the-go or just travelling to work and back, Bao Bao bags are versatile to match every mood and function. Due to their unique material,  they just  have the  perfect functional flexibility to match the modern lifestyle and are worth giving another look this season.

Here are our 7 favorite looks from the upcoming season's collection:

 Lucent with Color

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As we transition to fall fashion, you might want to pick up a brightly colored Bao Bao bag to have a little pop in your autumn look. 


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The Pannier backpack in July's Bao Bao collection is ideal for any occasion. It has a flexible practicality in its inner zipper closure and round handles while maintaining an attractive visibility through its triangle pieces and leather finish.


SUPERNOVA copy.jpgLooking for a stand-out purse this season? Supernova is a unique Bao Bao option with bold patterns from an action painting. Each bag showcases a different emotion through the colors, shape and portion of the piece of art represented.

Waist Bag

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Waist bags are perfect for concerts and music festivals, but it can be pretty difficult to find a stylish one. The Bao Bao waist bag seems to have answered our calls for a trendy and stylish way to keep our valuables secure. 


10 OCTOBER copy.jpgFor another statement piece, the Bao Bao Face bag or clutch is ideal. This unique face design actually transforms its expression when the contents in the bag expand and retreat. Essentially, this bag can have a different look every time you put it on!

Carton T Nubuck


The Carton T Nubuck Bao Bao bag offers the ultimate accessibility. With a purpose to be as functional as possible, this bag is the obvious option for working women everywhere. Available in gray, camel, and purple, the tote can hold up to an A4-sized document.

Small PlanetSMALL PLANET copy.jpg

As a smaller option for light travelers, Bao Bao's Small Planet design is shaped like a small planet with distinct shapes transfused to create a shoulder bag style. The Small Planet will serve as a great addition to any outfit.

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