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In an attempt to demonstrate the legitimacy of haute culture to the younger generation, Giorgio Armani's 2018 Autumn/Winter Haute Prive collection produces regal couture in alternating black and champagne styles. Infusions of enchanting colours, elegant materials and sophisticated accessories create the ultimate imagery of haute culture and the essence of elegance. Here are seven luxurious looks from the collection to get inspired by or get your hands on to be the ultimate show-stopper in any setting.

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This voluminous full-length pink feathered shall is everything. Paired with a low-cut, slim-fitting black dress, this look embraces haute culture for all intents and purposes.

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This ultra-fierce all-black outfit is for power plays only. Representing a gothic and untraditional approach to formality, this girl remains mysterious in this haute veil.  Strutting in this ensemble, she sends the message to all of her admirers that they're going to have to work to unveil her beauty. 

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In the tradition of haute couture, the more feathers, the better. This look defines a synergy of nature and culture as the tulle bodice combines with the thick feathers. 

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Every haute culture curator needs a pop of colour in her closet. This fuschia pink mermaid skirt is the fashion statement we've all been looking for this year. Topped off with a rainbow fish tube top and a feathered style piece, this look is bold and bougee. 

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