Half the fun of summer is accessorising your warm weather looks, and leading luxury labels have certainly caught on to this. High street summer collections have brought out some seriously artistic flare and equally over-the-top items

From sporting gear to hair ties, we round up the most fun, indulgent everyday accessories that are as much form as they are function:


Prada yoga mat

12110756-pradayogared_resized_1280x1280.jpegDo you need a designer yoga mat? Maybe not. But do you want a limited-edition, made-in-Italy, Prada yoga mat stamped with their iconic hibiscus print? Maybe yes.

Available in cherry red, army green, bright blue, and a bold banana print, these designer stamped accessories won’t not make you better at mastering Dwi Pada Viparita Dandasana but it will certainly inspire you to get there. Each mat is waterproof and retails at US$460, significantly less than Chanel’s US$8,860 version.

Available at prada.com


Gucci rubber tote

12110755-gucci-pink_resized_800x800.jpgWhether you fill it with bottles of rosé or use it to carry your daily essentials, this Gucci tote looks good either way. Made of 100% rubber, this seasonal bag— which comes in red, pink or yellow—is described by the storied Italian design house as bridging “nostalgic references from the seventies and eighties with versatile functional design."

On the bottom of the bag is embossed "Guccification," "Sine Amore Nihil," "Summer MMXVIII" and "XXV"—words, or codes, as the House calls them, that hold special meaning to the brand. At US$980, this is surely a fun entry point to Guccifying your life.

Available at gucci.com


Balenciaga chouchou bracelet

12110756-balenciaga-yellow_resized_750x750.jpgIt’s not completely clear whether scrunchies are chic or tacky but it doesn’t seem to matter much to Demna Gvasalia, the creative director who created Balenciaga’s scrunchy in blue, pink, black, yellow and green for their Resort 2018 collection. Made with soft lambskin, these chouchous retail for US$195 and come with the brand’s logo stamped in gold for good measure.

They’re also already sold out online, so clearly some of us don’t need convincing that scrunchies are anything but just plain fun.

Available at balenciaga.com


Chanel paddle board

12110757-chanel-pb_resized_649x1875.pngNow Chanel has something for the sporty fashionistas out there. The brand’s limited-edition Spring-Summer Pre-Collection sporting equipment line includes monochrome tennis rackets, yoga gear and a beautiful paddle board, each emblazoned with the iconic CC logo for unmistakable luxury.

Made of carbon and polyester, the board retails at approximately US$20,000 and is available online. If you think of all the Instagram shots you could style with the board and its ridiculously chic paddle, we’d say there's a solid return on investment.

Available at chanel.com


Louis Vuitton ping pong set

12110756-louis-vuitton-ping-pong-set-james-monogram-eclipse-canvas-home-decor--GI0202_PM2_Frontview_resized_1050x1050.jpgNo house party or summer holiday is complete without a friendly game of ping pong. And if you’re going to bring out the paddles, make sure they’re up to snuff. The Louis Vuitton set comes with two paddles and four regulation ping pong balls, all of which can be transported by their own leather carrier.

The pads are stowable in a handsome, all-leather monogram eclipse case which zippers around the two paddles and has a metal lanyard connecting the paddles to the ball carrier. Retailing at about US$2,330, your ping pong game and equipment will be the talk of the town.

Available at louisvuitton.com