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With the recent Paris Haute Couture Week 2018, many of us are still in the mood for that irresistible French cool. One of the most enviable looks, the Parisian flair is to be nonchalantly perfect and effortlessly on point. For concrete examples of such, here are five women who personify what it means to be la Parisienne. With impeccable style and the kind of pout that makes us want to go red-lipped everyday for the rest of our lives, these are the it-girls to follow pronto if you’re looking to infuse your style with a touch of alluring Parisian chic.

Caroline de Maigret

The queen of French cool, Caroline de Maigret is half of the brains behind How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are, the definitive manual for women worldwide on how to live the chic Parisian life. A guru by her own right when it comes to style, beauty and essentially being French, this Chanel muse’s feed gives you a blend of trendsetting looks, nonchalant cool and a devilish sense of humour. Style-wise, be inspired by her messy, un-coiffed locks, mysterious eyes and unique approach to fashion, taking menswear and giving it a twist of her own feminine sensuality.

Jeanne Damas

Founder of ultra chic label Rouje, Jeanne Damas is the current French it-girl. A blend of girl next door and effortless French elegance, the street style star gives you a one-oh-one on Parisian cool through French fashion staples sold under her brand. Her account also gives you an enticing glimpse into the glamorous world of a modern it-girl, from cute boys to wild—but still classy—nights out and envy-inducing getaways. If you’re looking to nail the French girl look, head to her feed for inspiration. It’s chic, casual and never overdone. 

Coco Baudelle

Glossier’s new face, French-Madagascan beauty Coco Baudelle is a blend of perfect skin and naturally confident aesthetic. Definitely muse material, her feed has us hooked with mellow selfies and dreamy vibes, as well as cute dogs to quirky OOTDs—reminding us that there is no right or wrong when it comes to style. We marvel at the way she can pull off anything, looking just as great in tees and jeans as she does in flowy satin gowns. Also, how is it possible that she can make sneakers go with everything?

Louise Follain

There’s a lot of talk about how Louise Follain resembles a young Jane Birkin, and we can see why. Alluringly wide-eyed, she sports the long flowy hair and perfectly cut bangs now considered the epitome of French girl hair. The Parisian model personifies the ethereal it-girl—the sensual, dreamy babes with a fondness for under-eye mascara and lipstick. With a feed that spells laissez-faire, her effortless charms, sharp cheekbones and eccentric approach to chromatic eyeshadow have made her an internet sensation and taken her to some of the most exclusive shows at Paris Fashion Week.

Camille Rowe

An edgier approach to French je ne sais quoi, French-American model Camille brings a bold burst of spunk to the scene of Parisian it-girls. Artsy, wild and exciting, her feed takes us through an array of striking poses, stylish outfits and a wicked bit of tongue-in-cheek. With her statement jackets, printed tees and strong denim game, her feed is unpredictable and adventurous. We love her vintage vibes and how she manages to pull off looking stylishly dishevelled and perfectly on point at the same time.

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