1. This is Louis Vuitton's 8th scent

When Louis Vuitton first launched a collection of fragrances in 2016, they did it with much fanfare and introduced seven different fragrances by master perfumer Jacques Cavallier-Belletrud. After two year, the French brand is ready to introduce its eighth scent, Le Jour Se Lève.


travel set.jpgThe travel set includes a 7.5ml bottle as well as four recharges.
2. It was inspired by the sun
If you're a morning person, you'll likely understand instantly where Cavallier-Belletrud's inspiration for his newest creation came from. When creating Le Jour Se Lève, the idea of daybreak and the first of morning's rays, as well as the endless possibilities it would bring, were at the top of his mind.


26173928-LEJOURSELEVE02_resized_751x1000.jpg3. It's warm and citrusy
If you guessed that mandarins were a possible note in this citrusy fragrance, you're right on the mark. "Mandarin is a marvellous citrus fruit because it's possible to diffuse from it simultaneously the optimism of its flesh, the freshness of the zest and the floral aspect of the tree," says the perfumer. Jasmine Sambac, magnolia petals, apricot-tinged osmanthus and blackcurrant accord all star alongside the fruity note.