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By now you should have heard of Gaysorn Village's swanky new beauty hub concept, Gaysorn Urban Retreat: a santuary for wellbeing conveniently located at the heart of the metropolis. Urban Retreat comprises of 13 high-end beauty, wellness and aesthetics brands that have been thoughtfully curated on the basis of top-notch quality and service. But what are these brands and what services do they offer? Here's the lowdown on exactly what you can get done in terms of beauty and wellness at Gaysorn Village right now.  

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Lashes, Brows and Nails



The condition of your lashes, brows and nails are telling of how well you're looking after yourself, any self-respecting urbanite knows that. Chaba Nails & Eyelashes located at Gaysorn Centre's Lobby floor uses premium skincare products from the UK for its hands and feet spas and US and Japanese techniques and equipment for its nail art options to ensure that Chaba clients have the best paws in the city. On the same floor, Tingle is famous in the local beauty scene for its expertise in brows and lashes.  Here you can get those popular semi-permanent cosmetic works, such as eyelash extensions or eyebrow tattooing, to shave off time on our daily beauty routine and also guarantee fleekness you probably couldn't achieve on your own anyway.

Advanced Rejuvenation

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La Vie Detox & Wellness Center

If you're into cellular rejuvation, at Gaysorn you can have your pick out of five different advanced beauty treatment centres. Salon la prairie from Switzerland specialises in a celllular power infusion programme that tackles aging issues like wrinkles and dark spots, as well as a "Swiss Bliss" massage programme, which uses gold and caviar to bring your skin back to vitality. Another clinic dedicated to reversing the effects of time on your face and body is Lisa Frances, which has been in the biz for 10 years. Alternatively, La Vie Detox & Wellness Center and Munique Exclusive Club are great choices for toxin removal and complete rejuvenation from the inside out. And, if you're not sure what to go in for, at Anissa Clinic you can consult with specialists to receive customised programmes. 

Dental Work

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If you're already coming to Gaysorn Village for facials and to get your nails done, might as well look after your teeth here too to save you time and commute. Paya Dental Clinic by Dr. Joy offers a full range of dental treatments, from simple cleaning to reconstructive procedures, with an eccentric approach to customer service. Resembling the best 5-star hotels in Thailand, this exclusive dental clinic at Gaysorn Centre's lobby floor decks itself out in traditional Thai aesthetics, from interiors to staff uniforms. Tell us you wouldn't prefer this over the usual sterile look of dentist office.    

Natural Spa Treatments

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Just looking for a simple but also ultra-indulgent spa sesh?  Urban Retreat's got that covered too. Gaysorn has recruited only the best in aromatherapy and natural wellness in Thailand—Erb, Panpuri and Thann & Thann—to provide exclusive spas and services at this Urban Retreat. The must at the Erb Bliss Room at the Gaysorn Cocoon are the famous Seven Pollen Golden Therapy programme and the bespoke perfume bar. At Panpuri Wellness, take advantage of the many rooms of relaxations, including various onsen rooms and an Akasuri scrub room, all to the view from the 12th floor of the Gaysorn Tower where the centre is located. At Thann & Thann Sanctuary, the aroma therapy steam bath is highly recommended. 



How does The Gallery Tiara at Gaysorn beat out all the other high-end hair salons in the city? By embracing a "luxury green" salon concept, that's how. Conscious of wastewater's negative impact on the environment, this premium salon adheres to using only natural and organic haircare products, such as that from Italy's Framesi and Davines brands, as well as only purified water to minimise chlorine contamination. So come get your eco-friendly gorgeous perm or sexy Brazilian blowout here!  

Top Class Plastic Surgery


Let's not beat around the bush: plastic surgery is a huge beauty trend in Thailand, with South Korea setting the bar for procedures and techniques. But now you can literally have the best Korean plastic surgery right at Gaysorn Village with Wonjin@Gaysorn. Wonjin is Korea's number one beauty surgery brand and all of the staff, including the surgeons, at the new Gaysorn branch have been strictly trained under the Wonjin Academy Program to ensure that your blepharo-, rhino- or whatever-plasty is second to none.  

Brand List

Chaba Nails & Eyelashes
Anissa Clinic
La Vie Detox & Welness Centre
Lisa Frances Clinic
Munique Exclusive Club
Salon la prarie
Paya Dental Clinic by Dr. Joy
Thann & Thann Sanctuary
Panpuri Wellness
Erb Bliss Room
The Gallery Tiara

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