05121352-pexels-photo-751374_cropped_1584x780.jpegTemperatures are finally rising and the verdict is in: the hottest beauty accessory for this summer looks set to be sexy, shimmery skin. The past few weeks have seen multiple beauty brands take it back to the early 2000s with a slew of launches designed to get your body glowing in time for the new season.

1. Fenty Beauty by Rihanna05120609-capture_d_aoe_c.fbabd091915.original_resized_332x319.jpg

Is a trend even a trend if it hasn't been validated by Rihanna? The superstar put her stamp of approval on shimmery body care this month with the launch of a new "Beach Please" collection comprising two "Body Lava" luminizers and a sparkly "Fairy Bomb" glitter puff. The gel-based luminizers are designed to highlight any area of the body with a high-shine glow, offering a touch of sheer color for extra intensity.

2. Tarte Cosmetics05120609-1259_mermist_sh.248b3092119.original_resized_1924x1924.jpg

Cruelty-free favorite Tarte has unleashed a limited-edition vegan "Mer-Mist Shimmer Spray" that coats the face, hair and body in a pink, sparkly glow. The spray also carries a light coconut fragrance for extra strong vacation vibes, and contains algae and marine plant extracts and Vitamin E to soften and moisturize the skin while you shimmer like a mermaid.


3. MAC

05120609-capture_d_aoe_c.a856f092505.original_resized_541x586.jpgMAC sent fans into a frenzy over the weekend, with the news that it has launched its cult-favorite "Strobe" moisturizer in a body lotion format. The brand's Global Senior Artist Dominic Skinner took to Instagram to offer a sneak peek at the new product, which is now available in the UK and is reportedly coming to the US later this month. Much like its facial equivalent, the Strobe body lotion will leave skin with a pretty pearly sheen made for summer outfits.