1 Jasmin Noir.jpgWhen Opposites Attract

When a perfume is described as an “exalted floral oxymoron” by its creator, you know you are in for a surprise. White and black, floral and dry—the Bulgari Splendida Jasmin Noir shows that opposites do indeed attract. Sensual Indian sambac jasmine, with its honeyed and slightly citrus scent, is the starting point for this fragrance. Notes such as patchouli, sandalwood and cashmeran add a woody accent. The result? An unexpected sweet, fruity, woody—and heady—mix.           

2_Iris d'Or.jpgLiquid Gold

The iris pallida flower, blue and brilliant in the light, has been considered sacred since as far back as ancient Egyptian times. During the Middle Ages, Catherine de Medici made it the emblem of Florence. Often considered the “blue gold” in perfumery, thanks to its gentle sillage and lavender iridescence, the fragrance’s purity was preserved by Bulgari master perfumer Sophie Labbé by adding violet leaves, mimosa and Australian sandalwood to uplift the scent of the luxurious Bulgari Splendida Iris d’Or.  


3_Rose Rose.jpgRomancing the Rose

By far the most well-loved flower in the world, the rose has been reimagined countless times. Yet, in the Bulgari Splendida Rose Rose, the impact is both natural and layered at once. By preserving the heart of the damask rose, and adding Turkish rose absolute and rose essential oils, it becomes a multidimensional olfactory experience. In Labbé’s words, it is “a perfume that evokes seduction, a luxurious trilogy of roses embodying the most beautiful flower in the world”.  

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