01152151-CT10_152-CTHeadshot-c01152258-1584x780.jpgWhen it comes to 2018's most exciting beauty news, Charlotte Tilbury's Hong Kong launch is definitely one of them. The celebrity make-up artist has had over 25 years of experience working the faces of A-listers including Nicole Kidman, Kate Moss, Anne Hathaway, and the list goes on.

With her official launch in Hong Kong set to take place in April, we caught up with Tilbury herself for some special beauty tips for Asian women:


01152718-Charlotte27sMagicCream_resized_2000x2000.jpgCharlotte's Magic Cream (Photo: Courtesy of Charlotte Tilbury)

1. Prep your skin

"Asian women already understand the power of amazing skin. My signature Charlotte's Magic Creamand Night Cream are full of stem cells, making them the perfect skincare you need to get plump, gorgeous skin. I also worked with a scientist in Canada on a Dry Sheet Face Mask that is the only mask in the world that penetrates down to the third layer of the epidermis. I love the fact that Asian women are obsessed with masks, and this dry sheet mask is perfect because it doesn’t use a wet formula and is drip-free, so you can put it on to prep your skin anywhere you want."


01154928-youthglow_resized_2000x1999.jpgBrightening Youth Glow (Photo: Courtesy of Charlotte Tilbury)

2. Keep glowing
“It's important to keep a healthy glow. I created Brightening Youth Glow specifically for Asian women because they like to have bright and luminous skin. I worked with the laboratories and put a lot of youth-boosting properties in it, such as olive extract and watercress. Not only does it give you an even skin tone, it is also good at colour correcting and taking all the blemishes out of your skin.”


01154632-hollywoodglow_resized_2000x1333.jpgHollywood Contour Wand (Photo: Courtesy of Charlotte Tilbury)

3. Contouring is key
“If you want amazing cheekbones, you got to work on it and contouring is the secret to many glamourous make-up looks in Hollywood. You can use contouring tools like the Hollywood Contour Wand to make your features stand out. It comes with a sponge tip so it's easy to bring out your beautiful face structure. Give more definition by sliding some glow to your face.”


01154841-CharlotteTilbury_CharlottewithCelebFriends_CharlotteandGigiHadid_resized_750x750.jpgGigi Hadid and Charlotte Tilbury. (Photo: Courtesy of Charlotte Tilbury)

4. Eyes to impress
“I love Asian women’s eye shapes but women in Hong Kong don’t do enough with their eyes. They tend to focus more on their skin and lips, but they have really beautiful eyes and I want to make them look more mesmeric. This is why I created Eyes to Mesmerise shadow because the eye shadows will give the eyes amazing contour.”



Nicole Kidman and Charlotte Tilbury. (Photo: Courtesy of Charlotte Tilbury)

5. Keep tabs on the latest trends
“Hong Kong has an incredible buzz and energy. I’ve been impressed by everyone’s intelligence here and how well they understand make-up and fashion. The key to achieving your best look is always being fashion forward and on trend.”


Charlotte Tilbury will be available at Lane Crawford from April 2018. Until then, shop her range of beauty products at net-a-porter.com