Stars like Jason Momoa (à la Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones) and Tom Hanks (circa his Cast Away days) might have pulled it off, but for today’s modern gentleman, the unkempt caveman look really has no place.

Industry heavyweights certainly agree. Chanel recently unveiled their first makeup collection for men, Boy de Chanel, featuring a host of products that shape, fill and define the arches, while the season’s biggest shows, from Edward Crutchley to Dsquared2 and Daks, were dominated by full, structured yet well-trimmed brows that accented the models’ chiselled features.

To get the look, pluck and trim every two weeks after a hot shower when hair is at its softest, apply a soothing balm and colour away. Below are some of the must-have products you'll need to for attractive, kempt and modern brows:

Boy de Chanel Eyebrow Pencil

Photo: Courtesy of Boy de Chanel

Natural brows are rarely evenly covered from tip to tip. Fill in your brow gaps with this high quality pencil and spoolie. Available at Chanel.

Benefit Grooming Tweezer & Brush


Photo: Courtesy of Benefit

Too many strays or feeling a little too bushy up there? This tweezer comes with an eyebrow brush, so you can comb and pluck for greater precision. Available at Sephora.

Make Up For Ever Aqua Brow Eyebrow

makeup forever.png

Photo: Courtesy of Make Up For Ever

Over-plucked or messed up on your brows in any other way? Make Up For Ever's Aqua Brow Eyebrow Corrector is here to save (your) face. Available at Makeup Forever and Sephora.

Urban Decay Brow Box


Photo: Courtesy of Urban Decay

For a softer brow look, try powder with Urban Decay's Brow Box. Darker colours than picture above available for men with black hair. Available at Sephora

 Shiseido Kajal Ink Artist Shadow, Liner, Brow


Photo: Courtesy of Shiseido

For dark brows to really frame the rest of your features, kajal is the product you need. Available at Shiseido.

Hourglass Arch Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel


Photo: Courtesy of Hourglass

Besides kajal, pigmented gel is another product to capitalise on if you're in need of darker, stronger brows. Available at Sephora.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel


Photo: Courtesy of  Anastasia Beverly Hills

Anastasia is an OG when it comes to eyebrow styling. For men who don't need much makeup on their brows, a clear brow gel will help shape and accentuate what you've already been blessed with. Available at Sephora.

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