There are many foundations out there, but not all will fit well on your skin. To get a flawless look, it's important to select the best products that will cater to your skin texture and type. We round-up some of the best-reviewed foundation for each skin type. Browse through our quick list below:



When you have sensitive skin, it might be quite difficult to find products that won't cause irritation or break you out. Here are some foundations that have received great reviews when it comes to their skin-care component. 

Drugstore: Covergirl Clean Foundation or Rimmel Lasting Finish 

A cult classic, the Covergirl Clean Foundation creates a light to medium coverage and has skincare mixed in its foundation. For a more full-coverage option, you can try out the Rimmel Lasting Finish -- infused with 'comforting serum', this will make sure you look polished without feeling too heavy on the skin. 

High-end: Pericone M.D. or La Prairie Skin Caviar Foundation

Formulated for anti-aging, Pericone MD's No Foundation Foundation will deliver a light yet exquisite coverage. Recently dubbed as the world's most expensive foundation, La Prairie's Skin Caviar is the creme de la creme of skincare foundation. 



Being oily-skinned can prove to be taxing especially in our tropical climate - but worry no further, these picks will surely deliver a flawless finish without creasing (be sure to set though) and caking-up. 

Drugstore: L’oreal Infallible Pro-Matte or Maybelline Fit Me Matte and Poreless

A regular debate in the beauty world is which is more effective for long-wear between these too. Eitherway, both will surely last all-day and leave you with a matte finish.

High-end: Kat Von D Lock-it or Estee Lauder Double Wear

For a more luxurious selection, both the Estee Lauder Double Wear and Kat Von D Lock-It will prove to be your skin's bestfriend. Especially for warm climates, these picks will leave you with a canvass that is close to perfection. 



For combination skin, you want a foundation that can adapt to different skin conditions. Here are some products that prove versatile in any situation. 

Drugstore: Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup or LA Girl Pro Coverage

Both these foundations are well-reviewed in the beauty community, creating for themselves a cult-following. The LA Girl Pro Coverage will last you the whole day while covering-up your blemish areas, while the Neutrogena Liquid Makeup may be a much lighter coverage, but it definitely leave you looking polished. 

High-end: Smashbox Camera Ready BB Water or NARS Sheer Glow 

Formulated specifically to look good in photos, Smashbox foundations have always been must-have for makeup artists. This BB Water is a lighter more versatile version of their regular foundation. The NARS Sheer Glow is a cult-favourite -- great for all occasions. 



With dry skin,  you want to reach for a nourishin foundation that won't aggravate your dry spots and occasional peeling. 

Drugstore: Sephora Hydrating Foundation or Covergirl & Olay Tone Rehab 

Both of these foundations have hydrating properties mixed into its formula. For a medium coverage, reach for the Sephora option, and for a more every-day light look, the Covergirl x Olay will moisturise your skin and leave it looking glowy instead of oily. 

High-end:  T. Leclerc Hydrating Foundation or Koh Gen Go Aqua Foundation

Both very hydrating, these high-end items are some of the best-reviewed in the market. The Koh Gen Do Foundation is a must-have for anyone who likes creating a dewy finish, and the T.Leclerc Foundation is a good pick for anti-aging and daily moisture. 



For normal skin, finding a good foundation can still prove to be a task. However, it also opens you up to be able to try more kinds of finishes and textures. These picks are some of the holygrail foundations for both makeup professionals and beauty buffs alike. 

Drugstore: Wet N Wild Photofocus or Nyx Cosmetics Invincible

The Wet N Wild Photofocus Foundation has been something of a beauty gem as of late. Performing very well for its pricepoint, this medium to full-coverage foundation will last you the whole day without creasing or caking. The Nyx Invincible is also great especially for photoshoots -- its full-coverage finish will leave you looking like perfection!

High-end: La Mer Soft Fluid or Dior AirFlash

Both ringing in at extremely high pricepoints for foundation, these picks will surely  wow you with their amazing consistency. The La Mer Soft Fluid Foundation is inused with "Miracle Broth" yet still delivers long wear coverage. The Dior Airflash on the other hand is the stand out in this list because of its mist delivery system, still it will leave you with a runway-ready canvas. Both  feel very weightless on the skin and they're definitely worth the splurge!

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