Red lips

When done right, a layer of lipstick is the ultimate game-changer to any look. However, deciding which colour to seal the look off with can be tricky, as your lips should uplift both your style and mood, not deter from them. To make sure that your lip color seals the deal on the perfect look, we're here with a lip look to match every mood.


yves red pintrest copy.jpgOh, the sexy red lip. Where would we be without it? A bright red lip is a great option for anyone looking to uplift her spirits, as it is sure to demand the attention of the room. The red lip is also for any girl feeling a little frisky as it is sure to leave a trace. Bottom line, the red lip is a bold go-to for a night to be remembered.



nars cosmetics pink copy.jpg
Feeling fun and flirty? A pink lipstick is perfect for you. If the lipstick feels like too much, pink lip gloss is the effortless way to go. Available in infinite variations, every girl needs an easily accessible and versatile pink lip gloss for a subtle finishing touch to any look. On those night when you’re feeling youthful, don’t shy away from pink!


taya rogers nude copy.jpg

To create the allure of ultimate sophistication and poise, adopt a nude lipstick. While nude pairs well with floral and pastel printed dresses, skirts and tops, it also suits the business look. Appear professional at face-value while incorporating brighter colors and prints into your apparel to allow your personality to shine through.


padypady black lip copy.jpg
A black lipstick is red’s bolder, edgier cousin. When done right, the black lip is the ultimate badass look. Just look at Rihanna absolutely killing it in this all-black outfit, topped off with a black statement lip. If you are yearning for a change-up from your boring makeup routine, embrace a black lipstick and thank me later.


burgundy pintrert copy.jpg
Been there, done that with the red lip but not quite ready to move toward such a dark statement lip colour like black? Try a burgundy, a deep red that screams elegance. This warm tone is also  ideal for upcoming fall season.


better homes and gardens.jpg
Last, but certainly not least, coral is the lip color for summer. This one is perfect for a casual sunset dinner. Light up your date’s world with a bright lip he’ll just have to kiss by the end of the night.

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