Scroll through to get some easy to follow skincare tips to battle the summer scorch in the city!


1. Sunscreen isn't just for the body!

Sunscreen.jpgDon't skimp on the facial sunscreen to shoo away sun spots and uneven tone throughout the summer. Try out the SK-II Cellumination Day Surge UV to get a light yet effective product you can use every morning. Don't foget to bring your go-to sunglasses to protect your skin from eye wrinkles and UV rays. 


2. Besides moisturising, don't forget to tone! 

Tone.jpgWe all know by now that moisturising is key. However, another way to maintain good skin texture is applying a toner after washing your face. Always opt for an alcohol-free pick like Pixi's Glow Tonic or the Peony Instant Brightening Face Serum by Fresh. While the first option is a tried and true among many beauty gurus, the Fresh serum offers a hydrating formula that blurs the appearance of imperfections leaving your skin looking supple and lustrous. 


3. Exfoliate, still. 

Exfolaite.jpgAlthough skin might be a bit more sensitive over the summer due to constant exposure under the sun, its still a good idea to exfoliate every 2-4 days, depending on your skin type. However, if you choose to add this step to your routine, do go for a mild and organic scrub that won't aggravate your skin with harsh chemicals. Try Sisley's Gentle Facial Buffing Cream and the Mario Badescu Almond Honey Face Scrub. 


4. Mask it up! 

Mask.jpgThe scorching heat can take a toll on your face. An easy way to soothe the skin is by applying a mask with aloe vera as the main ingredient. With its anti-inflammatory and age-defying properties, aloe vera reduces redness and discomfort caused by sun exposure as well as other stressors. You can give Kiehl's Calendula and Aloe Soothing Masque or the Glossier Moisturising Moon Mask a try.


5. Use nourishing makeup products! 

La Mrt.jpgWho says makeup and skincare can't go together? In this extreme weather, you'll want to use products that give you extra benefits aside from making you look great. La Mer's Soft Fluid Long Wear Foundation is known to be gentle on the skin, yet it gives you that luminous look that's perfect for summer.


6. Keep it simple to stay away from cake face.

Cake Face.jpgIf you're running about all day, chances are you'll break a sweat. That's why a thick layer of makeup won't do your face any favours this season. You may want to stick with the essentials, like the concealer. Laura Mercier's Secret Camouflage and Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer are good bets.


7. Stock up on travel-friendly items.

Clinique.jpgSummer is an ideal time for travel, so it would be wise to pack products that: are multipurpose in nature, come in miniature sizes, and / or don't require fussy application. Choose wisely!