Like frosting on a cake, a spritz of the right fragrance adds that finalising touch to any great look, giving you that oomph and confidence you need to face anything. Few things are as empowering as walking into a room knowing you look great, feel great and smell great. And likewise, being in the presence of someone wearing the right scent can be equally awe-inspiring.

One line of fragrance that has spellbinded the world since 1999 is Dior's J'adore. The brand's best-selling line of all time, J'adore fragrances are exquistiely created by Dior’s renowned perfumer François Demachy, using flowers grown at Dior’s exclusive estates in France, among other luxurious natural ingredients. Known for immersing its wearers in a subtle yet unmistakably stylish  aroma of florals, the line epitmoses modern-day women who are sophisticated, impeccably refined and lavishly indulgent through several distinct variations, most famously: J'adore L’or, J'adore EDP, J'adore Eau De Parfum, J'adore Eau De Toilette and  J'adore InJoy. 


Of course, choosing the fragrance that best captures your vibes can be a daunting to seemingly impossible task. We get it. Thankfully for the Thai market, Dior has chosen five highly recognisable local muses to represent each of the five J'adores. Along with that, we've put in our own two cents on the personality of each of the perfumes. Scroll through below to find out which scent is most fit for you.

J’adore L’or Essence De Parfum Spray

For the alluring, refined woman.


The Muse: Sonia Couling

The Scent: A combination of the sweet aroma of vanilla, jasmine from France’s town of Grasse and the rare May rose that blooms only once a year. Expect a fragrance that is impeccably cool and chic, yet also immensely warm. (40ml for 6,300 baht)

J’adore EDP Absolute Spray

For the smart, stylish woman.


The Muse: Sittharmanin Susarnawathanakun

The Scent: Meant for the confident, career-driven woman, this scent blends the sensual aroma of Damask rose with Sambac jasmine from Bhutan and India, adding a dimension of mystery. (75ml for 6,300 baht)

J’adore Eau De Parfum Spray

For the cheerful, bubbly personality.


The Muse: Nana Rybena

The Scent: Offering a long-lasting blend of sensual ylang-ylang extract and jasmine, topped with a soft touch of Damask rose, the Eau De Parfumerie is gentle and lovely—ideal for females who exude positivity. (100ml for 6,300 baht)

J’adore Eau De Toilette Natural Spray

For the energetic, passionate soul.


The Muse: Ingfah Damrongchaitham

The Scent: A blend of zesty Italian Mandarin, elegant Damascus Rose and sweet Magnolia, this Eau de toilette provides a fresh, alluring fragrance that radiates passion and vigor. (100ml for 4,900 baht)

J’adore InJoy EDT Natural Spray 100 ml (THB4,900)

The elegant, enchanting woman.


The Muse: Kimberly Anne Tiamsiri

The Scent: Reminiscent of the sea, In Joy is a mix of Jasmine Sambac, tuberose, ylang-ylang essence and a touch of neroli—an exilir for someone who exudes enchantment and fairytale-like lovliness. (100ml for 4,900 baht)

J’adore Touche De Parfum 20 ml (THB4,600)

For the flexible, versatile lady.


Didn't resonate with any of the above? Then you might just be the type who can be any woman she wants to be, depending on what she feels. If you've concluded that you can' t be confined to any category or you're still exploring to find who you are, this scent makes the ideal fragrance. One of Dior’s most fascinating fragrances, the perfume integrates top-quality raw ingredients from all across the globe, from Indian Jasmine Sambac to Damascus Rose and Sri Lankan sandalwood. What makes this scent stand out from the rest is its versatile quality—its ability to adapt into a personalised fragrance tailored to each individual, with varying nuances depending on the wearer. You can even blend it with another J’adore fragrance to create an exclusive custom fragrance depending on your own preferences.

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