Looking to pamper yourself with more than just Hyaluronic acid? From pure gold to bee venom, these luxurious, over-the-top masks can help rejuvenate your tired skin and prep you for the year. Are you ready to do whatever it takes for eternal beauty?


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Adore Cosmetics Golden Touch Magnetic Facial Mask ($995)

Ever heard of magnetic healing? Probably not. This anti-aging mask by Adore has ingredients such as 24-karat pure gold flakes and age-defying plant stem cells to help repair broken cellular connections. It also contains moisturising ingredients such as almond oil, aloe vera and shea butter for an even plumper and more radiant skin.

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Mimi Luzon 24K Pure Gold Mask ($300)

Ever went to the temple and past thin layers of gold leafs on the Buddha figures? You can now do that to your face. This Mimi Luzon 24-karat Gold Mask boasts ingredients that will help renew the cells and improve the skin’s elasticity, texture and tone, while also reducing the wrinkle depths and relax facial tension. There are four full treatments included in one package.


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La Prairie's White Caviar Illuminating Facial Cream ($505)

Containing the rare golden caviar extracts from oscietra white sturgeon, La Prairie’s White Caviar Illuminating Moisturising Cream hopes to maintain an even skin tone, minimise age spots and discolouration while help increasing firmness and elasticity and intensely hydrate the skin. The product claims that it will make age spots fade away and keep new dark spots from forming.


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Sonya Dakar Stem Cell Transformer ($195)

This anti-aging cream from Sonya Dakar contains the brand’s signature Snake Venom facial, which is a synthetic version developed to mimic the paralysing effect of a temple viper's venom. Containing green apple stem cells for cell rejuvenation technology, the product targets fine lines and wrinkles while also hydrating the skin.


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Heaven Skincare's Gold Bee Venom Mask ($579)

This bee venom mask claims it instantly firms and releases collagen in the skin and helps with pain. Containing the most concentrated amount of rare bee venom, it helps control the facial muscles for immediate lifting, tightening and firming, whilst getting to work on frown lines and wrinkles. Want a facial with completely natural, non-evasive and with real results? Give this a try.