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The best beauty investment you can make over, say, the latest lipstick or the newest mascara, is in your skincare regime. They say beauty is only skin deep, but truth be told, that’s all the more reason to take proper care of your complexion. Glowing, radiant, supple, refined—these are all markers of the perfect skin, no matter what age you may be, and it all starts with proper skincare. You only want to put the best of the best on your skin, of course, and we've got you covered. From masks to moisturisers, to facial oils to serums, here are our picks of the best skincare products to carry you through the year. 

Aesop Parsley Seed Face Cream

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For the optimum in purifying, Aesop’s face cream is a hydrating antioxidant solution to all your skin woes. The aloe leaf is a cooling and soothing ingredient, complemented by the hydrating shea butter and the purifying parsley seed extracts. Although not ideally suited to sensitive skin, other skin types can benefit from this super hydrating and cleansing daily moisturiser.

Aromatherapy Associates Overnight Repair Mask


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Aromatherapy Associates are taking beauty sleep very literally. If the thought of frown lines keeps you up all night, then the overnight repair mask is your new best friend. Rose and frankincense will brighten and hydrate the skin with their natural properties, and the extract of strawberry seeds acts as a natural plumper to give a youthful complexion. Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed won’t be a metaphor for long with this holy grail of beauty products.

EVE LOM Cleanser and Rescue Mask


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For irritable, dry or worn-out skin, invest in these two essential EVE LOM products. Using clove oil, eucalyptus oil, Egyptian chamomile oil and cocoa butter, the daily cleanser removes toxins and conditions for a smooth, clear finish. The rescue mask is the ideal weekly treat, using soothing Kaolin clay to remove excess oiliness, and honey, almonds and camphor to keep the skin gently exfoliated and hydrated.

Guerlain Orchide Imperiale Cream


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Harnessing the natural powers of orchids, the face cream from Guerlain moisturises using the latest research in cellular regeneration and respiration, hydrating the skin on a molecular level to promote a youthful appearance for longer. Don’t worry about your carbon footprint, either: the eco-friendly design of the jar minimises environmental impact, and the orchids are sustainably sourced in Yunnan, China, as part of Guerlain’s Tian Zi Exploratory Nature Reserve which supports conservation and protection of the province's natural biodiversity.

Akar Face Oil

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Hand-selected by Beautegrity, a beauty site dedicated to giving a platform for little-known exclusive, organic and natural products, Akar's face oil is a beauty essential you won't regret investing in. Non-toxic and organic, face oil is a refreshing alternative to face lotions:  skipping out the toxic chemical processes most lotions use, face oil simplifies your beauty regime and removes unnecessary pore-clogging chemical content from your skin. A little goes a long way with this product, helping to restore natural oil balance in the skin and even the skin tone. 

Kate Somerville Goat Milk Moisturising Cream

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Kate Somerville’s Goat Milk moisturising cream hosts a plethora of ingredients to replenish and repair your complexion, from its soothing aloe and enriching rich jojoba and avocado oils to condition and hydrate, to the goat milk and natural milk proteins of its namesake to repair the skin’s natural lipid barrier. Safe even for those of sensitive skin, the container also includes an innovative pump feature so you don’t have to be dipping your finger in the pot, which can be unhygienic.    

Elemis Frangipani Monio Salt Glow Body Scrub frangipani-monoi-salt-glow_490_master_rgb_web.jpg

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Transport yourself to a decadent exotic spa holiday right in your own bathroom with the new Elemis Frangipani Monio Salt Glow Body Scrub. The scrub uses ingredients from the brand’s award-winning Frangipani range to leave the skin soft, hydrated, and lightly fragranced. Mineral rich salts meet a nourishing coconut oil base to transform your body care regime into a decadent pamper.   

Lancôme Absolue Precious Cells Emulsion Lancome_Absolue_Precious Cells_Emulsion_HK$1,500.png

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The cold cream has had a long history in the beauty routines of the luxurious. Lancôme took it upon themselves to reinvent this long-time staple with core active ingredients extracted from the rose. The result is a revitalising and nourishing formula that melts into the skin for a sensation that is at once moisturising and invigorating. The Intense Revitalising Emulsion acts as a lighter version of the moisturiser, to be worn either under or alone, to leave the complexion radiant and glowing.   

Chanel Blue Serum 
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The latest offering from Chanel, the Blue Serum comprises of active ingredients sourced from areas known for their longevity. This serum cares for the complexion by activating the youthfulness of the skin at a cellular level. Massage this serum into your skin as the first step of your beauty routine for visible benefits of lessened wrinkles and increased firmness and evenness.  

Oskia Renaissance Mask 10539055-1014344905235816.jpg

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The Renaissance Mask is one of Oskia's most popular offerings. A nutri-active mask with brightening and smoothing properties, it’s packed full of natural fruit acids to gently exfoliate while refining the complexion. Suitable for all skin types and certified organic, the Renaissance Mask combines a fresh spa scent (consisting of rose, passion fruit and chamomile) with immediate spa facial results. 

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