Early this month, NaiLert Park Heritage Home hosted "The Most Exquisite Jewelry Show", featuring the blooming annual Flower Fair, a fashion show revealing the Beauty Gems' Flower Collection jewelleries. This year, celebrating the 102nd anniversary of NaiLert Park Heritage Home, the event included 102 newly designed pieces, as well as an exclusive highlight of a 103rd piece to mark the park’s next step into 103rd year. Dressed in gorgeous red-carpet-worthy ensembles were celebrities such as Chitramontn Techaphaiboon, Suree Ratanahiranya and Ausanee Mahagitsiri Leonio. The event contained a meaningful twist of social responsibility, auctioning off the 103 pieces of jewellery to collect funds for the Safeguard Kids Foundation.

Covered by: Alisa Mekmanee & Mary Losmithgul